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Early pregnancy... constant tingling/stabbing pain on left area of groin

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2020wish · 02/08/2020 12:04

So I’m 6 weeks. I’ve had 3 previous early losses so very nervous and one living child

But since about 3 days ago I’m having a constant noticeable like stabbing/ shooting/tingling pain around the area of my groin/lower pelvis. Is this normal? It’s not painful it’s just noticeable that it’s there. Only other symptoms I’ve having are sore boobs/nipples and exhaustion and slight nausea

OP posts:
1stTimeParent · 03/08/2020 08:22


I am now 9 weeks pregnant and I have had similar pains the whole time, especially if I move or twist in a funny way! I believe it’s just your uterus expanding and nothing to worry about! I’ve also had the sore boobs/nipples exhaustion and nausea so sounds like we are having v similar symptoms. If you are concerned you could always book an early scan to check the baby is ok/growing in the right place x

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