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1st time pregnant planned but very anxious - anyone else

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Athena1985 · 01/08/2020 21:28

Hey all, I’m 35 and happy I’m pregnant - this is my first time - is anyone else having a similar experience of checking everything , like food that I can have it - washed hands properly etc ( we have 4 cats) , I am absolutlet thrilled I’m pregnant but wondered if anyone else has any tips to stop being so anxious as I want to enjoy the experience rather than feeling worried I’m going to accidently pick something up and pass on to the baby ? I fee abit silly !

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Noneyerbuisness11234 · 02/08/2020 08:55

Didn't want to read and run I was like this with my first currently 6wks with my second and am the same again lol it's natural try and stay off google I put my own head away constantly searching wat ifs lol congratulations btw try to stay calm and enjoy it once u get ur first scan it'll settle u and it'll feel more real

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