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Stokke Tripp Trapp

14 replies

Prettylittlelady · 01/08/2020 11:46

I’m wondering about buying one as they seem to last all the way through childhood.
Has anyone got one? Good or a waste of money?

OP posts:
JSLACEFAMILY · 01/08/2020 17:39

We are getting one as we need it for our kitchen for baby as a newborn as we have dogs. Never had one before but my Dad used one with my DS's and has only been put away now after 17 years!!

avocadoze · 01/08/2020 17:42

We have three. Oldest dc now 14 and the kids still sit on them.

abitoflight · 01/08/2020 18:24

Still got mine - from 20 years ago
I loved it. Proper piece of furniture rather than some plastic monstrosity
Really useful just to be that bit higher at the table in later childhood

BuffaloMozzerella · 01/08/2020 18:26

We've got one and really like it. I'd have a look for second hand ones online - a friend of mine got theirs for a fiver on eBay!

Thriceisnice · 01/08/2020 18:26

IKEA do their own version now for £75 so I'm planning to get that instead

Bubblesbubblesmybubbles · 01/08/2020 18:30

Love it!!

skylarkdescending · 01/08/2020 18:36

Yes get it! We still use our first for 3 yr old and bought another for DC no 2.

We never had the tray, DC just sit up at the table which meant no transition to 'big chairs' for them.

We got both of ours second hand on eBay (great condition).

I would say the new plastic baby set is better (easier to clean) than the old leather version.

Wale90 · 01/08/2020 18:40

We got ours for £25 at a car boot. My nieces is now at my mums (16 years old and going strong)

The smaller footprint is a god send and slides under the table enough so you can't trip over it.

I have the older model and the way the pieces slot together mean we do have to take it apart every month or so to really clean inside some of the cracks (yoghurt etc) but overall worth it.

Deffo go second hand

FizzyOranges · 01/08/2020 18:40

I was thinking about the Stokke Steps rather than the Tripp Trapp. Hard to choose between them!

givememarmite · 01/08/2020 18:56

We have three and they are great, our eldest DD is 8 and still uses hers. Only had the newborn set for DD3 but was very impressed with it. I sold it on for half the price so would definitely recommend checking 2nd hand pages for it.

Trashtara · 01/08/2020 21:02

We have. I love them. I really love the newborn set as well, baby is up at the table with you, it's brilliant.

testingtesting101 · 01/08/2020 21:08

I don't think they are great for babies, the Ikea Antilop was fab and so easy to clean compared to the Stokke (I could actually fit the whole chair in the dishwasher if necessary!). Stokke were great from about 2-6 but then we moved onto Ikea junior chairs as frankly the Stokke were hard to clean and I was fed up with looking at them. Definitely secondhand as they retain their value.

AveEldon · 01/08/2020 21:11

I like them - we had them before and then got the newborn set for the newest child

phoenixrosehere · 01/08/2020 21:18

Have one and it’s great. We’ve had ours for two years. Our oldest 5 likes to climb in it even though we bought it for his baby brother. Our youngest 2.5 learned to climb up and sit in it himself for mealtimes. He even will wake up in the morning, walk downstairs, and climb in his seat and wait for his breakfast if he sees me or his dad head downstairs. It takes up little room, comes right up to our table and you can usually find them for way less on EBay or Facebook Marketplace or in some charity shops.

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