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Tv in nursery - Y/N?

18 replies

FlowerPig · 31/07/2020 20:20

Just as subject really

The room we will be using for the nursery already has a wall mounted tv, wondering if it's worth keeping or removing and freeing up the wall space? Or will I wish I'd kept it 🤔

OP posts:
Twickerhun · 31/07/2020 20:23

I doubt you’ll need a tv but the baby won’t care so if day it’s personal taste. I don’t spend anytime in the ‘nursery’ never have so far with my 3 year old and 2 year old so the tv would’ve been redundant

FlowerPig · 31/07/2020 20:38

That's my concern that I won't even end up spending time in there.

I am wondering whether a nursing chair is worth the investment too or if I'll just spend most of my time downstairs.

I am planning to go in the nursery for night feeds so DP can sleep (whether it'll work out that way is another thing!!)

I just don't want to get rid of the tv then wish I had a tv to watch while feeding/settling - or buy a nursing chair and not make use.

A tv will probably help me get more use of the nursing chair 😬

OP posts:
RowboatsinDisguise · 31/07/2020 21:10

Baby would probably find a bright TV screen quite distracting in the night. You’ll probably soon realise that going into another room for night feeds is a massive ball ache and probably more disruptive than just feeding in bed. If you have a co-sleeping crib you can just roll over and pop a boob out.

GrumpyHoonMain · 31/07/2020 21:13

A nursing chair and elevated changing table in the nursery would probably save your back. Mine is definitely messed up from feeding and expressing while sitting propped up on pillows.

OnlyFoolsnMothers · 31/07/2020 21:13

Wouldn’t bother with the chair- always fed my LO in my bed, bfeeding pillow watching 4am reruns of location location location, she was never distracted by the screen it kept me awake. Unless your husband is a v light sleeper in which case maybe you do need noth

Shinygreenelephant · 31/07/2020 21:18

I would lose the tv but I don’t like TVs in any bedrooms never mind a nursery. I use my nursing chair every naptime and nighttime, it’s part of our sleep routine and I find it really helpful. Didn’t get much use in the first few months but from 4-5months on it’s been fab

SorrelBlackbeak · 31/07/2020 21:20

We found both DCs were magnetically drawn to any tv on in the room even from timy so I'd get rid of it and use my phone or a kindle instead for night feeds.

Twickerhun · 31/07/2020 21:24

I didn’t have a nursing chair that I used either I found pillows and the sofa/ bed much better for feeds. Mil gave me an chair but it ended up just being a laundry store.

brastrapbroken · 31/07/2020 21:26

I am planning to go in the nursery for night feeds so DP can sleep (whether it'll work out that way is another thing!!)

I just don't want to get rid of the tv then wish I had a tv to watch while feeding/settling - or buy a nursing chair and not make use.

Nah, you will grab the baby in a sleepy daze, feed automatically with your head hanging and place baby safely back down then curl up straight away. There will be no light, no moving rooms and definitely no TV.

rottiemum88 · 31/07/2020 21:28

Can't imagine the light of the TV being great for the baby in the night, more likely to wake them up than resettle them.

Also think I'd have been dead on my feet if I'd had to get fully up and feed in another room multiple times a night. Feeding in bed and putting DS back in the next-to-me and then later co-sleeping fully is the only thing that helped me hold onto my sanity, as I could more or less fall back asleep whilst feeding.

Couldn't DP sleep in the other room alone, if he particularly needs the sleep?

FlowerPig · 31/07/2020 21:55

Thanks everyone, good variety of opinions to ponder!

I think the TV will go, I can always use a tablet (screen) if I need something to keep me awake/entertained. She won't be having a tv in her bedroom as she grows up, I was just thinking for the night feed phase, didn't really consider it being bright and stimulating.

Just to decide on the nursing chair now, and then which type to go for!! The ones that look comfiest are really quite ugly, then the ones I like the look of all seem to have low backs so no support for head/neck. I suppose that's to encourage you to stay awake though?

I plan to use the nursery for night feeds as DP is a really light sleeper, he often goes next door anyway as apparently I fidget like a ferret when I'm asleep and I suppose I just want to try and keep as much normality as possible rather than us sleeping separate. FTM and worry about baby effecting our relationship.

No doubt within a few weeks (maybe days!) I'll be so tired/cranky that I won't mind him leaving us to it to sleep in the spare room anyway!! 😆

OP posts:
AppleKatie · 31/07/2020 22:01

In the early days of DCs babyhood we had a tv in the room and I relied on it at night at first. Once memorably watching the whole of the Scottish ref results. In hindsight it wasn’t good for me and if I’m fortunate enough to do it again I will try to avoid the trap. You need to maximise sleep for both of you in the early days and the tv won’t help!

FurryGiraffe · 31/07/2020 22:04

I found TV/tablets/phone at night woke both me and the baby up far too much. I used audiobooks at night. It took me much longer to get back to sleep if I played with my phone. But I am a rubbish sleeper Grin

brastrapbroken · 31/07/2020 23:03

I plan to use the nursery for night feeds as DP is a really light sleeper,

Honestly you will disturb him more getting in and out of bed than you will feeding the baby beside him.

BeMorePacific · 31/07/2020 23:15

I never watched anything. I fed the baby then went back to sleep. You don’t want to wake yourself up too much either.
On the odd occasion it was a terrible night, I would go downstairs with my little one.
I personally wouldn’t ever have a tv in a kids bedroom, they’re little addicts. Once they’re 2+ they’d definitely want the tv on a lot more often xx

Apsh2020 · 01/08/2020 22:10

Me / my husband took our first born into the spare room which had a sofa bed And tv to feed in the night. I don't think it woke baby up at all but kept me sane during the night feeds.
I would have nightmares and jump awake and panic that i had fallen asleep feeding baby for the first few months - even after we fed her in the spare room.
And it made it easier for the non feeder to get some rest - we bottle fed so was able to share the night feeds.

Regulus · 01/08/2020 22:17

TV kept me sane in the long lonely nights. Mine cluster fed all night, I was watched every season of ER (this is probably showing my age) leave it there if. You don't use it it won't be a problem (and I don't allow tvs in the children's room)

Bouncytree · 01/08/2020 22:46

Are you breastfeeding or bottle feeding? If you are breastfeeding, the night feeds in the beginning can be long (40mins-1 hour) Though they lesson over time. If you are going to be up and upright you will need something to keep you occupied and awake. Though A tablet will do. And you will defo need that too.

I’ve had a tv in bed room with cosleeper. I used it when breastfeeding DS In the evenings for two years and it rarely disturbed Him, and never in the first year.

The other option is to co-sleep, which research shows is safe with breastfed babies, as long as you follow safe sleep practices. It means you can feed and doze or at the very least be lying down. It’s worth researching early, rather than it happening by accident. A lot of mothers who breastfeeding end up doing it in the early days. this is a really good resource by the parent infant sleep lab at Durham University if you are interested.

Enjoy those early days, they are magical 😊

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