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HH with employer pregnancy dispute

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Daisysandviolets · 31/07/2020 11:25

Just looking for somewhere to vent and a HH really, I have a meeting with my boss today where I have to go into the office as sit down face to face with him as it's to conclude a complaint I made as due to discrimination about being pregnant. I'm 32 weeks and go on maternity in 6 weeks but I feel awful today, I've got a headache it's hot and I keep crying and my bump feels tender on the bottom where baby is growing.

I contemplated calling in sick but DH said it's better to just go in and get it done. I just feel in such a state about it all and think it's poor timing when they know I had my grandads funeral yesterday so already in a bit of a emotional state.

Don't really know why I'm writing this, guess I just needed to get it all out!

OP posts:
Kb28 · 31/07/2020 12:14

Hey I don’t have any advice except to say try to stay strong and I’m sorry you’ve been put in this position and I hope you get the outcome you’d like. It’s hard enough being pregnant at times without being under additional stress so just try to remember nothing is as important as you and your little baby. I also agree you’re best to go get it over with rather than go through feeling this amount of stress again. Hope everything goes ok!

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