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Waters breaking before vs after

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MichelleOR84 · 30/07/2020 17:30

I tried searching for this online but couldn’t find any information.

Is there a difference in the strength of contractions when your waters break before labour starts vs later on?

I’ve heard a lot of people say contractions really hurt after their waters broke ( usually in active labour). My waters broke before I felt contractions and when labour started holy 🦆 it hurt !! From
The start it was so painful , more then I thought possible. My contractions gradually got worse but there wasn’t a defining moment that labour got worse . I didn’t even notice the transition period and was shocked when they told me I was 10cms. I had a long labour too .

OP posts:
UrsulaSings · 30/07/2020 18:16

Following as I'd like to know as well.

OverTheRainbow88 · 30/07/2020 18:20

My first broke before and was bloody painful

My second broke just before I was told to push and was bloody painful!

MichelleOR84 · 30/07/2020 19:08

@OverTheRainbow88 🤣🤣🤣

OP posts:
DramaAlpaca · 30/07/2020 19:21

I've no idea, sorry. All three times my waters didn't go until I got to the pushing stage. It didn't hurt as much once I started pushing, but hurt quite a lot before that!

NutterPotter · 30/07/2020 21:18

My waters broke on the friday morning, and only went into delivery suite on Saturday afternoon. Even being back to back I actually didnt feel my contractions and needed to have the midwife tell me when to push.

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