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36 weeks feel awful

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Yaty · 30/07/2020 11:31

I'm 36 weeks and feel like absolute dog poo. I'm a FTM so no idea whether this is normal or I'm just being soft!!

Haven't slept properly in months, feel sick and nauseous most days with babies foot constantly kicking my stomach, exhausted, whole body is aching and painful, feet hands and nose swollen and struggling to take a good breath! I know I am just moaning but the thought of another month feeling like this makes me want to cry. I'm sure none of my friends complained about feeling so bad in the last trimester so maybe I'm just being a wimp ?! Blush

OP posts:
sel2223 · 30/07/2020 11:53

Moan away. Im finding the third trimester horrible - far worse than the first trimester!

I dont remember anyone saying how debilitating it can be and yet, if I mention it now, they all agree and say how normal it is!

Anaesthetist83 · 30/07/2020 12:04

36 weeks has certainly been the turning point for me. Felt continually sick until 28 weeks and then have had a period of time where I felt great. Not so much now. Even though bump isn’t that big, It is more difficult to do stuff and even a shortish wall gives me braxton hicks, some of which I wouldn’t describe as painless! Movements are definitely now uncomfortable. And I don’t even have any swelling or heartburn to contend with. I’m glad I have now stopped work and I have lowered my previously unrealistic expectations of what I will achieve between now and baby arriving. Fortunately, i have a planned section so there is a dedicated eviction date!

Superscientist · 30/07/2020 12:15

I'm 37 weeks, I feel awful nauseous and slightly dizzy/spaced. I'm heavy and can't get comfortable. I was feeling pretty good in my third trimester I even had a couple of days of "pregnancy glow" last week but since the weekend it has all changed. It feels like the first trimester on hyperdrive

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