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Measuring 35 weeks... at 31+3 weeks!

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FreyaFirstTimeMum · 30/07/2020 11:01

So I’m not super panicked about it as only measuring tape at the moment but was measured at 35 weeks (complete off my growth chart) - I’m only 31 weeks! Hmm

Will be checked again in two weeks and then sent to a growth scan of still measuring big - has anyone had experience of this? What did it mean for your pregnancy and birth? Did you deliver early?

OP posts:
MichelleOR84 · 30/07/2020 12:51

At my 28 week appointment I was measuring 31 weeks . I was always measuring ahead though ( they never did a growth scan) and baby came at 37+1. He was actually an average size newborn so surely he would have been big if I went past my due date . Or maybe not 🤷‍♀️ I also lost 9kilo just by giving birth so maybe I had a lot of amniotic fluid. I’m pregnant again ( 24 weeks) and I look like I’m well into my third trimester already 😔 ! I’ll see what happens this time !

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