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Brown discharge for 2 weeks but 2 normal scans... What's up?

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Chrissayeth · 29/07/2020 17:51

I'm so concerned why I've had constant brown discharge over pretty much 2 weeks now. Had a scan at EPU at 8 weeks 6 and they found heartbeat and no hematoma and it measured right, then this Tuesday gone I had a private scan at 9 weeks 6 days and they found all normal again in fact said baby was measuring at 10 weeks and 2 days! But unfortunately discharge is still happening and I don't know why or where its coming from. Feel like I wanna have a scan every day to put my mind at ease! It was red at one point in the beginning which is what made me call EPU in the first place. I haven't had sex since I found out I was pregnant either. I'm stumped! Anyone else had this and been fine in pregnancy?

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willowandsage · 29/07/2020 17:53

I had this the whole way through my first pregnancy and I have it again this pregnancy - found out i have cervical erosion which causes it! Apparently it's fairly common

Chrissayeth · 01/08/2020 06:40

@willowandsage thanks for reassurance. I hope that's just what it is... As horrible as it sounds! It's odd because I have had smears in the past and they've never told me I have it. As I read that it's often picked up on cervical smears. How did you find out you had it?

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CoalCraft · 01/08/2020 07:25

Had this all through the first trimester, had several epu trips with no answers, but baby always looked fine. Now 17 weeks.

Natt99 · 01/08/2020 09:04

Also had this a number of times in the first trimester. I was really worried and booked 2 early scans, everything was fine though and no reason found. They said it's probably old blood clearing out. Now 20 weeks and everything's progressing well. Try not to worry too much as it seems to be very normal x

Suemay803 · 01/08/2020 09:21

Hi everyone x I've had brown spotting for 12 days in a row now, it's been red three times but only tiny amounts, hasn't gotten heavier, only there when I wipe, and only mild cramping, I'm driving myself mad with worry 😩

I had an early scan at the EPU two days ago, they saw an empty sac so think I could either be earlier than I thought or that it isn't viable so I have to wait ten days for a follow up scan. I had myself dated at six weeks 3 days with the first scan. S
Just got to wait and see now.

Lots of love to anyone feeling anxious, and hoping everything works out OK ❤️

Fredsgirl19 · 01/08/2020 09:56

25 weeks abc had this all way through first trimester. Guess for some it's just kne of those things!

penguin423 · 01/08/2020 12:58

I had this most of the time until about 14 weeks. They did some investigations (scans and checked the cervix as well as swabs etc) as I had 3 short times of red bleeding too. They said they saw a tiny 'raw' bit on the cervix on one of the checks and then on another said there might have been a small haematoma but it was unclear as to whether it actually was one so it all just went unexplained really. 19 weeks now and have had no more issues...touch wood!

All the best to you.

Chrissayeth · 01/08/2020 19:41

@Suemay803 that's a lot like me. I've had brown spotting every day since 8 weeks, driving me crazy! Twice it has been red, but a small amount. That's when I started freaking out!

Good luck with your follow up scan, hopefully all will be well and you're just less far gone than you thought.

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Chrissayeth · 01/08/2020 19:46

@penguin423 they couldn't see any hematomas on my scan, was yours found on your scan? Was hoping it would show some so least I'd have an explanation where the blood is coming from!

They didn't bother swabbing me at EPU after they saw I had a foetus with a heartbeat but it'd be nice to have a reason as to why the bleeding! I'm just holding onto the fact that I've had a scan with a heartbeat at 10 weeks and that the chances of loss are lower as weeks go by. Just wish the brown spotting would stop now.

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Snowman123 · 01/08/2020 20:02

I could have wrote this post. My sons 6.2 now :-)

I had the exact same symptoms. It eased off around 16 weeks and I believe it was hormone related. The discharge was mostly brown but I had a couple of times with bloody discharge.

Good luck, it sounds like everything is fine.

Snowman123 · 01/08/2020 20:04

Incidentally after reading other replies I remembered I was also diagnosed with a cervical erosion afterwards - basically raw skin on your cervix which healed itself.

penguin423 · 01/08/2020 22:03

@Chrissayeth no, they weren't able to say it was definitely a haematoma, the doctor thought it might be a small one but she said it wasn't obvious either way as if it was, it would've been really small. I totally sympathise with you just wanting to know the reason - I felt exactly the same. A strong heartbeat at 10 weeks is a fantastic sign so fingers crossed.

Chrissayeth · 02/08/2020 07:03

@Snowman123 it's good to know I'm not the only one. I'm scared to tell anyone about this pregnancy as even though I've seen a heartbeat in my mind I feel like every time I bleed it's coming from my baby. Just hope my 12 week scan goes OK. Gonna try stop pestering EPU and booking private scans for now. Haha! I have had a Lletz procedure in the past where they had to laser off some abnormal cells in my cervix. Whether that has caused cervical erosion I don't know. But I have been on the pill over 10 years also before stopping and heard it can be a result of that so I'm gonna try diagnose myself here 😂 also I do have irregular hormones as I was once tested for PCOS. Only bloods though and they found higher testosterone than normal. Who knows eh? But thank you for your response and reassurance. I will Rey stop worrying

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