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Groswaddle or blankets for newborn?

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Trufflepuffpuff · 29/07/2020 12:55

Sorry this isn't quite pregnancy related except that I'm pregnant and thinking about this, so others may be too!

What would you recommend? I'm tempted by groswaddles (or easy swaddles I think they may be called now? I'm confused) because they look simple and you don't have to fuss about or worry about blankets or correct swaddling.

Am I missing something though?

My baby is due in November so I'm a bit worried about colder weather - they seem to come in one tog now and you adjust the clothing underneath. Will that work for a winter baby?

Thanks for any advice.

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Swearwolf · 29/07/2020 12:59

Can I throw in a third option - love to dream swaddle up? They zip up which is loads easier than the gro swaddles, and keep their hands from startling them awake but not as tightly.

Trufflepuffpuff · 29/07/2020 13:02

Oh excellent thanks @Swearwolf. The only thing is it says 3-6 months and I'm looking for a newborn option. Is there a newborn version do you know?

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Trufflepuffpuff · 29/07/2020 13:03

Oh no sorry @Swearwolf, I think the small size works for newborns?

OP posts:
Swearwolf · 29/07/2020 13:04

I think so, I used them for my youngest when she was tiny!

TheIckabog · 29/07/2020 13:06

We used groswaddle and it was a life saver. Originally we were using blankets but no matter how tightly we swaddled (I don’t know how we didn’t strangle her!) she still managed to get her arms out! She was born in August but didn’t start sleeping in a proper bed until October onwards so they were perfect from then on. We just adjusted the amount of clothing she was wearing and if it was really cold we popped a blanket loosely over the top

Inthesky42 · 29/07/2020 13:07

Another vote for the swaddle up. You can definitely get it in newborn size. I wish I'd had mine before baby was born! You'll find they'll grow so quick they won't use it long though. I moved my LO into sleeping bags after he was about 6 weeks.

plixy · 29/07/2020 13:10

Just be aware than not all babies like being swaddled. We had a gro swaddle and my baby hated it. I had to buy a blanket to use until she was big enough for a normal sleeping bag. Don't spend too much buying swaddles until you know baby likes them.

Teacaketotty · 29/07/2020 13:16

My baby hated being swaddled, we used blankets (tucked in) from birth and still are a year later.

I would buy one and try it if you want to but I know they are expensive so prepare for your baby perhaps not liking it.

BumbleNova · 29/07/2020 13:21

Yup my DS was also a swaddle hater. We had the most success with a grosnug. you can put their arms in and swaddle or leave them out, like a normal sleeping bag. I didnt want the faff of blankets.

Maincat · 29/07/2020 13:24

We used grosnugs which are small grobags for newborns, up to about 3 months. You can have arms in or out, so good for those who don't enjoy being swaddled!

MsSquiz · 29/07/2020 13:26

We used these

They used to be called gro snugs.
My DD was only born December 2019 and she went straight into these, but hated having her arms tucked in, so always had them out (she sleeps with her arms up by her head!) I think we used them until she was 3 months ish, and then changed to sleeping bags

Trufflepuffpuff · 29/07/2020 18:09

Oh thanks @MsSquiz and @Maincat I was looking at those actually, and from comments above it sounds like they might be a bit more versatile if my baby doesn't like being swaddled.

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