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Bricking it

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hydrangeafan · 28/07/2020 20:07

I'm a longtime mumsnet fan but never posted much and have named changed for this.

So I'm 4 weeks pregnant according to my clear blue test (I found out in the morning), had some spotting today(by midday). I called the doctors and had a phone consultation and will get an early pregnancy scan in the next couple of days. I sort of thought I might be pregnant because I had really sore boobs and been hangry a lot....but it's only now sinking in.Hmm

All fine. I have 2 other kids, I spotted with them too. It was fine. Trying to reassure myself that this is just what my uterus does. DD8 and DS10. I have been wanting to fall pregnant for several years now since DD turned 3? We periodically tried and nothing ever happened. We figured we are too stressed, tired or possibly past it. I'm turning 39 soon. I was actually going to clear out the loft this summer and get rid of all the old baby stuff!!! ShockI'm seriously freaking out. I wasn't expecting to be pregnant and have another baby at this point. Especially not during a pandemic....... Confused

My husband is happy, calm and seems to not be worried at all!!! He's furloughed and could possibly be out of job soon. Not that this factors into anything at this point but it worries me.... thinking in practical terms. He's making pregnancy jokes already!!!!

Sorry I guess this is more of a rant and ask for a handhold as I am dying to tell someone. Anyone...! The doctor said I could potentially lose the baby because the spotting could mean it's not viable..... I'm really bricking it (either way) Another c-section in all likelihood, I'm not sure my body will survive this, sleepless nights, nappies but on the other hand so much more love to give and to come into his household ❤️ and the kids will be over the moon when we tell them and if everything is ok....

How many of you here had kids in their 40s? Tell me it will be ok?! 🙏🏻

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hydrangeafan · 28/07/2020 20:21


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SouthernskinNorthernsoul · 28/07/2020 20:45

I'm in my 30's with a 2 year old, but just wanted to say congratulations and that you will be great. My mum had me in her 40's- I was the youngest of three (with a large gap between no. 2 and 3) and she really enjoyed it by the time it came to me. It was great having a calm, confident older parent who had seen it/been there/done that. You have an 8 and a 10 year old to help you. Your husband is supportive and sounds excited making jokes already! You have the benefit of having gone through this before but your children are of an age now where they shouldn't be too demanding while you are feeding baby etc. You still have all of your baby stuff so theres no need to spend a fortune! By the time you give birth everything will hopefully have calmed down.

I would also love to have those newborn baby snuggles back and that beautiful smell! So tiny and perfect. You will get through the sleepless nights because you have to, you have before and you will again. I hope your scan goes well!

hydrangeafan · 28/07/2020 20:46

Thank you so much for those reassuring words. I can't wait, just hope it will all be okay. Xx

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