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I'm stupid, I know

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physicskate · 28/07/2020 08:36

So I know I need to go out and buy a new test. I KNOW.

I took an expired test this morning as I suspect I was due to start af two days ago. Dd is 16 months and af came back a few months ago (bf at night until mid June). Not religiously tracking, but felt ov pain about 17 days ago (so 16 ish dpo).

I am freaking out!!! I'm not sure if it's in a good way or bad way... just shocked, really which is stupid. We had sex once the last cycle.

I got pregnant with dd after two chemicals, 2.5 years of ttc and she arrived through a round of ivf. They never found anything wrong (did put me on low dose levothyroxine, but everything else was always pretty textbook). It kinda killed our sex life, that and a small child.

We've had sex less than 10 times since she was born, no contraception (because afterall, it wasn't likely after all we went through to get pregnant with her....). But I guess it only takes once, like they told us at school?? What??

My head is spinning. Test expired August 2019.

Haven't told dh yet. He may have a heart attack. So typical - I'd miss out on my job's 6 months full pay maternity package by two weeks. I'm hoping that's why it might be meant to be?? Obviously, I'm aware pregnancy doesn't equal baby, but getting a tad ahead of myself!!!

Will have to get a new test and figure out a way to tell him... holy shit!!!

I'm stupid, I know
OP posts:
physicskate · 28/07/2020 08:39

Ps my only clue was missing af and also I've had some pain in my symphysis pubis - had HORRENDOUS spd with dd and was housebound from 32 weeks...

OP posts:
Treaclepie19 · 28/07/2020 08:39

That looks a pretty conclusive line to me!

I hope it all works out for you, must have been quite a shock Flowers

TheArtfulScreamer1 · 28/07/2020 10:07

I know they have an expiration date on them but I think it's a date they put on because they have to not because they work any different after that date. That seems a pretty strong line so I'd be buying a digital to see it in words.
We cycled together on a thread back in 2018 and I think our DDs where possibly born on more or less the same day. I'd love a sibling for her (waiting for an appt for a FET) so stories like yours give me hope (we were unexplained). I'm sure once you get your heads around it congratulations will be in order.

LimpLettice · 28/07/2020 10:16

Typed and lost a great big post but also been on various threads with you over the years, @physicskate - big news! I'd say a false positive is much more unlikely than a false negative - it's detecting HCG surely.

I had 3 losses (do have an almost 11yr old) and a miserable time conceiving til DS turned up, he's now 19 months and only just weaned. We thought it would never happen and as I'm 43 in 2 months, I never went back on contraception. Especially as like you, dtd has been pretty infrequent. Of course that means I fell pregnant on one rare occasion, still night feeding at the time and am booked in for induction this Thursday of surprise baby 3. So it's very very possible!

I'm keeping everything crossed, that would be a lovely gap for you and it's such pleasure to be pregnant without all the agonising upset leading to it, it's been very healing.

physicskate · 28/07/2020 10:57

Just lost my own big reply!!

Took the digital - guess it's pretty clear now!!

See I hadn't even hoped to want a second. I didn't want to get set on it and have to go through all that shite again.

We'd sort of talked about maybe doing a FET next spring. We weren't going to do another fresh round ever, but maybe use our three frozen.

Of course I remember you both @TheArtfulScreamer1 and @LimpLettice. I'm hoping maybe this will be healing. But at the same time, I HATE people like this, sort of unplanned pregnancy - we'd said that if it happened, it happened. And I was taking folic acid already. But only tracking in my head (cause let's face it - I was so obsessive last time it was nuts and very unhealthy for my mh). Not timing things - hell it was ONE time!!

Had just started a health kick a few days ago to try and get in better shape if we did (eventually) fall pregnant. Jesus I'm gobsmacked. My head's all over the place!!!

The irony might just kill me.

I'm stupid, I know
OP posts:
espressoontap · 28/07/2020 11:03

Ahh congratulations Thanks

Pinktruffle · 28/07/2020 11:26

Congratulations @Physicskate..... now try and enjoy it, and be relieved you won't have to go through all the needles again!

LimpLettice · 28/07/2020 11:37

Haha! Big huge congratulations, I'm so pleased for you! I know exactly what you mean but all that trite rubbish that's so annoying when you're desperately ttc is partially true, and here we are. Grin

Hope your DH takes it well. Mines one of three anyway so a third is not phasing him, but he was still gobsmacked. I felt a bit sicky one morning on the school run, grabbed a £1 pack of 2 tests in pound shop, and casually peed on it. The shock when I remembered to check it! So I just messaged him a pic of the line at work. He said he nearly fell off his chair. All those months of staring at stark white tests with DS, both of us gritting our teeth, and then that. Much more pleasant.

FelicityPike · 28/07/2020 11:40


BeHereNowx32 · 28/07/2020 11:51

@physicskate congrats! We also had an ivf cycle at the same time and were on the same threads. My DD is also 16 months and I am pregnant again ( that was a FET though).
This must be a huge surprise for you! Brilliant though. :) x

physicskate · 28/07/2020 11:56

I've got dh a card and have put it propped against a box of decaf tea covering the tests. I can't wait till he gets home!

OP posts:
YouBringLightInToADarkPlace · 28/07/2020 12:06

Congrats OP, that is a bit mad but wonderful nonetheless!

My DS1 took us nearly 5 years to conceive, currently 26 weeks with number 2 who was the result of 1 quickie!

No way of knowing these things...

zippityzip · 28/07/2020 12:45

Ah I'm loving this. Congrats!!

Figgygal · 28/07/2020 12:47

Wow congratulations
How do you think your oh will take it?

Emelene · 28/07/2020 12:58

Congratulations OP! Thanks

sonicbook · 28/07/2020 13:03

I've namecagnhed a lot but I remember being on boards with you and your great pain at ttc

I think this will give so many people on here hope.

Congratulations to you Thanks what a lovely development

physicskate · 28/07/2020 13:24

Thanks everyone!! Definitely not sunk in yet...

@sonicbook - that pain was why I could never ttc again. I could never dare to hope. I still think we're outrageously lucky to have dd.

@Figgygal - I think he'll be shocked. But then he'll start to think about the practical things... like we'll probably have to move!!

@YouBringLightInToADarkPlace - how did you feel when you found out with your second? I'm still processing.

Currently having my last Diet Coke - the one thing I miss during pregnancy... the caffeine free just ain't the same.

OP posts:
YouBringLightInToADarkPlace · 28/07/2020 14:24

It's a funny one, I just knew with the 2nd one, almost immediately... had absolutely no expectation or plan for it... aa you say, it's so bloody hard ttc month in, month out that you daren't even think of it.
Most of my first thoughts were how my DS was going to take to a sibling- I'd never imagined him as anything other than an only child. Sounds ridiculous but it made me quite anxious- I hadn't prepared the poor little mite for it!

Hardbackwriter · 28/07/2020 14:28

Congratulations, @physicskate - really hoping it all works out for you. I remember you from your previous very difficult journey (you might remember me too, perhaps, under my old name, lisasimpsonsbff). My journey wasn't as long or bad but I had nearly two years TTC and three miscarriages before my DS, now two - and I'm now 11 weeks pregnant with a pregnancy that just happened from one shag. Funny how life can work out!

physicskate · 28/07/2020 14:56

Of course I remember @Hardbackwriter / Lisasimpsonsbff!!

I remember bing so so bitter that they lied to us at school that you could get pregnant off a single shag! Who'da thunk it would be possible after all that palava!!!

OP posts:
Hardbackwriter · 28/07/2020 16:58

It does feel like stepping into this weird world of being a 'normal' pregnant woman. I haven't had a scan yet and although I'm not counting chickens, etc, I'm pretty calm, and, tbh, don't think about being pregnant that much. By this point with DS I'd had three scans - two NHS, one private - and was obsessively, horrifically anxious every day.

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