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motherhood - How to layer up your baby during winter?

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tinytwig · 28/07/2020 06:50

How to layer up your baby during winter?

OP posts:
raspberrydream · 28/07/2020 06:51

We used a short sleeved vest and a baby grow for night times and vests under long sleeved tops and full length trousers during the day

GoshHashana · 28/07/2020 06:54

I've reported this to MNHQ so they can change the title - you might get more help if it's specific to the topic you're asking about.

Footlooseandfancy · 28/07/2020 09:07

It really depends on the temperature. We usually did short sleeve vest & baby gro during the day and night. 2.5tog sleeping bag for nighttime and then added cardis, pram suit or blankets for day time depending on what we were doing. Very cold days I put long sleeve vest on under baby gro and some socks on too. It's useful to have spare cellular blankets to layer up. No coat or pram suit in car seat and baby can over heat so just use blankets.

A good room thermometer is a good investment but tbh we just put the heating on at a steady temperature!

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