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Bleeding after cervix length scan and cerclage experiences please!

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nattynoo85 · 27/07/2020 19:33

Hello everyone,

I’m after people’s experience of a cervix length scan and also cerclage.

I had my second cervix length scan today at 20 weeks and it really hurt. They prodded me three times and each time I yelped in pain. They said they had to get close To my cervix for a clear and accurate measurement. The third prod was very very painful. After the scan I wiped myself and I had blood straight away. The blood has lightened up a few hopes later but I was petrified at the time. The doctor said spotting is normal after these scans and that I could be spotting still tomorrow.....but my first cervix scan at 16 weeks it didn’t hurt at all and I no bleeding....

Has anyone else had bleeding after cervix length scan? And did it hurt? I cannot find anything on the internet about bleeding and pain.... apparently this scan is meant to be pain free??

Aside from that my cervix length is 25mm so I’m borderline, I have another scan next week to check for any changes and decided if I need a stitch..... I’ve been reading up on cerclage and its petrified me! I don’t want to have a general anaesthetic or spinal with a baby in my tummy, and the risks of the surgery don’t sound appealing. However it could save my baby being born too early. My first son was born 6 weeks early and since then I had a lletz procedure on my cervix which took away over a cm of my cervix so this baby is bound to be even earlier... so I can see why I need the stitch.

Please can people share their cerclage experiences?

many thanks xxxx

OP posts:
TenThousandSpoons0 · 27/07/2020 23:24

Hey sorry you’ve had a bad experience! The bleeding can be normal yes, but the scan itself really shouldn’t be sore, sometimes a bit uncomfortable and a pressure kind of feeling but they should not be “prodding”. Any chance you can request someone different does the scan?
And - are you on progtesterone? That’s something to consider as well.
Cerclage is pretty straightforward usually if done because of shortening on USS and the cervix isn’t open. Only very small risks to the surgery. Hopefully someone else will be able to share their personal experiences with you. Best of luck

nattynoo85 · 27/07/2020 23:50

Thank you for your comment TenThousandSpoons0

It actually felt more of a prod because the pain was intense although it didn’t last long. So it must have been literally when the probe touched my cervix. The last ‘prod’ felt like a prod and then a strong push and was excruciating for a second. That was the one that made me bleed I think. As I had a break before the third prod. They made me go to the toilet after the first and second prods and I had no blood. But then after I went back in for the very very painful prod there was blood. I will be going back to the same hospital next week however will try to ask for a different doctor to scan me. I don’t think it was right to hurt so much I can’t see anywhere online of people saying it’s painful.

Funny you should I mention progesterone. My obstetrician called me right in the middle of the scan of the baby, which followed my cervix scan. When I answered and spoke to her a few brief minutes and told her how short my cervix is she said I did put you in progesterone didn’t I? I was like no you didn’t and she quickly went off the subject and said she will speak to me tomorrow. So I’m pretty upset I should have been on progesterone and could have been taking it from 16 weeks which is when I first spoke to my obstetrician about my risk of premature labour.

The cerclage procedure sounds so invasive and worries me to think about being put out under a general anaesthetic with a baby in my tummy xx

OP posts:
TenThousandSpoons0 · 28/07/2020 00:02

Don’t be upset about the progesterone - the evidence for it is actually not that good if you do it based on history alone, doesn’t seem to make a difference. It’s place is helpful in your situation now because your cervix is now shortening - generally

annlee3817 · 28/07/2020 00:19

I had some bleeding after scans, it turns out I have entropion I think it's called, when the cells grow outside of the cervix and are prone to bleeding. Have recently had it checked post pregnancy. The internal scans never hurt me though, when my cervix started to shorten I was too late for a cerclage, if I'd had it at 24 weeks the consultant said he would have had to admit me to hospital or put me on total bed rest to prevent rupture of membranes. I had the progesterone pessaries instead and had regular checks, they appeared to keep things stable up until 36 weeks, I stopped them at that point and although I started to dilate within a week I actually didn't go into labour until 40+5.

On another note I know a few people that have had cerclage and all has been fine, go to your next appointment with all your concerns written down and go through it with them.

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