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Scared of c-section

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Chl00 · 26/07/2020 21:23

Hi guys, so I’m only 26weeks+2 but as I get closer to my due date my partner has made me realise I need to prepare myself for if I do have to have a cesarean.. I try not to think about it because the thought terrifies me! I know a lot of people prefer them but it’s my first pregnancy and I just can’t imagine anything worse than being cut open like that.. can some of you maybe share your experiences and help me as I need to prepare myself mentally so that I don’t freak out if I get told that I can’t deliver vaginally, thanks in advance x

OP posts:
RedPandaFluff · 26/07/2020 21:31

Ahhh don't be scared, OP! I had one and it was totally fine. They'll give you a spinal, but even for that they numb the skin so it's not that painful, and then you'll feel absolutely nothing during the c-section itself. Maybe a little pulling and movement but nothing major. It's really fast, too - lightning quick. Again, you'll feel nothing when they're sewing you up and anyway you'll be too distracted by your baby to notice or care! Recovery was fine and easy too, you just have to remember not to do too much too soon.

The worst thing that I remember was feeling super-tired at one point, just after DH was handed the baby. Like, really drained and sleepy. But it passed and all was well.

I'd choose a c-section if I have a second baby, no question about it.

Chl00 · 26/07/2020 22:02

@RedPandaFluff thanks, I think the thought of the pulling and moving around down there cringes me out and the recovery bit worries me like sounds ridiculous but like I’d be so scared it would rip open or something, I’ve on my ever had stitches in my knee so the thought of them sewing my stomach up freaks me out 😅 x

OP posts:
LatteLover12 · 26/07/2020 22:07

Hey OP, I've had two and I'm a few weeks away from my third!

If you have to have a section then honestly, you'll be fine.

They'll numb you with an injection in your spine then they put a screen up (they used my gown last time!) and before you know it there's a baby!

The stitching up afterwards takes longer than getting baby out so don't worry if you feel it's taking a while!

After your section you go to recovery to wait for your spinal to wear off and you will have your baby with you. I spent a couple of hours having skin to skin during that time.

Raimona · 26/07/2020 22:07

You have to either give birth or have a c section, and personally I think a c section is the lesser of two evils because it causes no vaginal damage. I barely even have a visible scar. My friend’s baby got stuck and deprived of oxygen during a vaginal birth and she needed surgery and months of physiotherapy to repair her vagina.

loutypips · 26/07/2020 22:08

I am a massive wuss. But I really enjoyed the experience. It was nice and calm and controlled. I'd definitely do it again!

Babyboomtastic · 26/07/2020 22:10

In three nicest possible way, stitches somewhere are almost an inevitably of a first baby (and babies in general tbh). In a c section they are on your tummy, with a vaginal birth they are in your bits.

I really hate the idea of stitches, and had 2 sections (my choice) - you don't feel them, and as long as you don't do anything totally silly with them after, you shod be fine, and the same goes for a vaginal birth.

Personally I loved my sections, and the recoveries were great :-) it was as near a pain free birthing experience as you can get IMO.

Chl00 · 27/07/2020 09:04

Thanks for your comments, honestly I’m such a weirdo I’m not even scared of having a vaginal birth I just think that I can deal with that type of pain but I’m more of a wuss when it comes to worrying about recovery like with a c-section you can’t do much afterwards in case you tear your stitches and that would frustrate me so much, and I’ve seen cases where women have to get put to sleep because they could feel the pain of being cut open in an emergency c-section! So that freaks me out too, I just wanna have no drugs other than gas and air so that I’m in control if that makes sense😂 but I know that you don’t always get a choice and that’s what I need to remind myself 😅

OP posts:
NavyBerry · 27/07/2020 09:52

I had a csection. I was up and running by the end of the day and felt a way better than many other women the next day who had a natural birth. I really didn't find it that terrible at all. The stitches were off in 10 days, no pain just some discomfort. I didn't need any painkillers when I was released from the hospital. Tbh I still think that I was 'lucky' not to go through the whole hell of contractions, it was an emergency cs for me.

strawbmilk · 27/07/2020 10:16

I had a vaginal birth with DC1 and an ELCS with DC2 and the recovery from the CS was much much easier than the vaginal birth as I required foreceps. I was also only in hospital 1 night with the CS vs 2 nights with DC1.

There's no way to know what way a birth will go so best prepare yourself for any eventuality.

I had an epidural with DC1 but for some weird reason it stopped working in the final stages. They gave me gas and air until they got it working again and I felt less in control with it than the epidural. With the epidural I could just focus on pushing but with the gas the room was spinning (like being horrendously drunk) so felt totally out of control.

That's just my experience but I hope you get the birth you would prefer. It's best to be prepared for all eventualities. Good luck

Rainbowchampagne · 27/07/2020 10:21

They’re so lovely to you when you have a c section you kind of forget what’s going on! It is a bit weird because I thought you couldn’t feel anything but you can a bit. Obviously no pain whatsoever, just light movements but it’s not horrible or scary at all. And trust me I’m a right wimp! It’s an odd sensation, but if anything it feels quite nice? 🙈

Then when they give you baby you’re so preoccupied you don’t notice what’s going on anymore!

A med student passed out during my c section and I still didn’t feel disconcerted 😂

Babyboomtastic · 27/07/2020 11:04

It's pretty much a myth that you can do stuff after a section but can after a vaginal birth. Obviously you have to be sensible with both, but I recovered a lot quicker than friends who'd had vaginal births.

Babyboomtastic · 27/07/2020 11:04
  • can't do stuff
Chl00 · 27/07/2020 11:17

@Rainbowchampagne feels nice??😂 wow well cant be that bad if you’re saying that, was you not nervous you would move and you’d pop open😅 sounds crazy I know but just seems mad that they cut you open and then you’re fine and your intestines don’t just fall out (I probably sound so crazy but this is what goes through my head at night when I worry about it😂)

OP posts:
GiraffeHat · 27/07/2020 11:45

They do check to see if you have sensation OP, don't worry! I had an emergency section but still had sensation so had to be put under general, but it's very uncommon I think!

Quackersandcheese3 · 27/07/2020 12:11

I’ve had 2 c sections both wonderful experiences. I was totally shutting myself before them though.

MuchTooTired · 27/07/2020 12:21

I had an elcs with my DTs, it was magic. I felt completely in control of everything that was happening despite being at my most vulnerable, and the medics were wonderful at supporting and explaining everything so nothing happened until I was ready. I was terrified I’d feel them cutting me, and the anaesthetist reassured me and checked repeatedly that I was numb (more for my peace of mind I think!).

Beforehand, she told me that it feels like a touch when what they’re actually doing is pinching (describing the feelings of them moving the babies). It was absolutely fine, I remember them moving at the beginning but then once I had my first baby I didn’t notice anymore.

Recovery afterwards was really easy, I was back to driving in two weeks.

If I have any more babies I will definitely have another elcs, it felt so calm and controlled.

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