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Membrane sweep

9 replies

Birdy1991 · 26/07/2020 13:22

I’m 39+3 and wondering if I can request a membrane sweep once I arrive at my 40 week appointment this week or if this is something usually discussed in advance? Will the midwife be happy to be asked to do this on the spot?

Also would like to hear people’s stories about having a sweep? Did it work, was it painful etc?

OP posts:
sucha · 26/07/2020 13:26

My first one worked, decision to have one seemed to be made in the spot!. For my second pregnancy it didn’t work. Not painful although I do remember the midwife saying some people had gas and air for it so maybe it depends.

NoNameIdeas · 26/07/2020 13:28

I had 3....none of them worked! Wouldn't say they were painful, though don't really remember them!

Lily2020 · 26/07/2020 13:37

My 4th worked, 9 days overdue, the midwife told me that she really 'went for it' on the last go & if that didn't work nothing would 😳😂

annlee3817 · 26/07/2020 20:00

All trusts are different, but mine offered them from 40 weeks. I had one at 37 weeks due to reduced movements and contractions being picked up on the monitor, was 1cm dilated, she could just about feel baby's head and said I was sure to go over that weekend...rocked up for my 40 weeks appointment, had a good stretch and sweep, it is uncomfortable and I had to breathe through it, that time I was 2-3cm dilated and she could stretch to 4cm. Waters were bulging, and I still didn't pop until 40+5, I was happy to try it though, doesn't work for everyone :) fingers crossed for you

Birdy1991 · 26/07/2020 20:02

Thanks all, I'll try my luck to see if I can have a sweep this week, but I've seen some other posts that say midwives waited until 41 weeks

OP posts:
jdy123 · 26/07/2020 20:15

At my 38 week appt they told me that I'll be offered one at my next appointment at 40 weeks. So I need to decide whether I want one or not! I'm thinking I'll be getting inpatient and will want one to see if it works...

Birdy1991 · 26/07/2020 21:26

@jdy123 me too! (being impatient)

My midwife makes the appointments very quick and I'm never sure if we are going to discuss anything so fingers crossed I have one offered too Smile

OP posts:
WeeScottishWife · 26/07/2020 22:01

My trust offers them at 40 weeks; midwife mentioned it briefly in my 38 week appointment to see if I already thought I’d want one at that point. I said no & she mentioned as she booked in the 40 week that she would have enough time to do one if I decided on the day 🙂

She did say that in her experience, for first time mums it has more success at 41 weeks than 40 because cervix can be just not ready yet at 40.

Mimi91 · 27/07/2020 09:58

I had my first sweep this morning, my MW said they do them at 41 weeks as they tend to be more effective around this time, but I'm technically 40+6. Think it differs between Trusts.

I can't say yet whether or not it has worked (that would be incredibly fast work), but it wasn't painful. My muscles just tensed up and it just felt a little uncomfortable. I said to my MW "it's not painful, just feels unnatural" 😅

Personally, I didn't find it as uncomfortable as a smear and I'm not dreading my next one tomorrow.

Good luck!

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