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survival tips - pregnant with 9 month old

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Whatthedoodle · 26/07/2020 11:24


I'm 4-5 weeks pregnant with my third child. It's early days but I'm just looking for some reassurance / survival tips.

I have an older child who is nearly 5, i find having him around more helpful than anything because he loves entertaining his little brother. This was a planned pregnancy although I wasn't expecting it to happen as quickly as it did as i'm still breastfeeding.

Iwould be interested to see ways to make life easier with an 18 month age gap.

I've already learnt with having two children that a good routine is everything. I get everything ready the night before so mornings aren't as much of a hassle. Luckily DS2 is a great sleeper (7am - 7pm) which makes life a whole lot easier.
I've started meal prepping for lunch and dinner and freezing things so on busy days there's food available with little effort. I'm just worried that when baby #3 arrives it will be difficult to batch cook.

i'd love to know other's experience of an 18 month gap. Please be brutally honest (and reassuring is possible!)

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