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Having a baby in Portugal??

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emsol89 · 25/07/2020 11:26

hi Everyone! I am 5 weeks pregnant with our first baby, we are so over the moon!🤩 of course it’s early days but hopefully all will go well🙏 We’re from the UK and moved to Portugal last year. I don’t have any friends here with babies and am wondering if anyone has experience of the hospital system? My Portuguese isn’t great (But i am taking lessons) and I went to see a doctor for an early check up, but they didn’t speak English. It just made me worry about all the upcoming appointments etc, I hope we’ll be able to manage. I could easily go to an English speaking doctor but that would mean going private and it’s pricey (€80 for a GP consult for example). Would love to hear from someone who navigated the system successfully!!

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