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Irregular cycles/doctor doubting dates

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Eppy123 · 25/07/2020 09:59

Hi everyone, I am currently 6 + 4 based on when I ovulated last month.

My LMP was may 1st however I have always had irregular cycles and was tracking ovulation so confident it happened around 22nd June. I took a pregnancy test on 1st July which was negative and got a BFP on 3rd July.

I have always had very irregular cycles and had only come off the pill a few months before, as well as having problems with low BMI last year so I’m really not surprised about this.

However the doctor clearly thinks I’m further on than I am and wants me to go for a scan next week when I will be 7 + 2, I’m concerned this is too early and will make me panic.

I told her all this info and she still insists and I just needed a bit of a rant as I’m annoyed that she clearly thinks she knows better and I am stupid.

Anyone else with really long or irregular cycles have trouble with dating?


OP posts:
SockQueen · 25/07/2020 11:51

My cycles were very irregular when TTC both times (PCOS). DS1 was a Clomid baby and I was having lots of scans so dates weren't such an issue, but DS2 was conceived spontaneously. At that point, by LMP I was over 6 weeks but based on when I thought I had ovulated (wasn't properly tracking but had noticed some EWCM) I was only about 4. I told the midwife this when I booked, and I also had a private scan when I was about 8 weeks by my dates, which confirmed that. I told the hospital scan department this and they postponed my 12 week scan until it fitted with my dates.

The trouble is that until you've had a scan, the doctors have nothing definite to base your dates on apart from LMP, and if they leave the scan too late they can't do the usual screening tests, so it's better for them to do it a bit early, even if they have to call you back, than risk trusting your ovulation dates and leave it too late if you happened to be wrong. At 7+2 they should be able to see a heartbeat, especially if they use a transvaginal probe. Tell them that you have irregular cycles and think that you are less far along than your LMP suggests, they will either move your appointment or scan you anyway and possibly call you back later. Good luck!

Eppy123 · 25/07/2020 11:53

‘Thank you, I feel a bit more reassured and I guess there’s no harm in having another scan. I was just annoyed as I felt like they weren’t listening to me, I’ve been tracking it and know when we DTD etc so very convinced of timing!

Thanks for your reply :)

OP posts:
brainstories568 · 25/07/2020 12:15

Why are you concerned? Surely getting an early scan is the best outcome as then you'll know dates for sure for the later scans where dates do matter and you get to see baby earlier. I had an early scan for non dating reasons, although at the scan they pushed me back by a week to 6+6 rather than 7+6 which made sense as I knew I ovulated late. I still saw a heart beat even that early as it was a transvaginal one like has been said above. Enjoy it - she's likely done you a favour as a lot of people pay for early private scans around 7 weeks as they don't want to wait until 12/13 weeks but you won't have to Smile

OrangeJ · 25/07/2020 13:14

Congrats on your pregnancy!

I was in the same position as you. I told doc when I ovulated (as I was tracking too) then when I got my bfp (I tested early with a frer and got one at 10dpo!). She told me that my dates didn’t make sense! I got really annoyed as if she thought I was lying.

At my 12 week scan they dated me 3 days earlier than what I think to be my due date, so I know I was right. Thankfully I’ve had no dealings with my doctor since that initial phone call and in my opinion all the midwives I’ve seen are lovely and way more understanding.

I’d think of it as a “fine, we’ll see at the scan then” and give two fingers silently to the doc 😛. Also you will probably end up getting an extra scan for free ☺️ Win win.

Wishing you a happy and healthy pregnancy.

OrangeJ · 25/07/2020 13:17

Oh yeah and my ovulation date was 4 weeks after my lmp.

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