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33 weeks and extremely exhausted, is this normal?

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maria2bela · 25/07/2020 09:41

So as title says I've been feeling extremely exhausted and fatigued. Every little chore is taking the energy out me, I'm not currently working but have a 1 year old. Hubby has been working from home since lockdown and helps a lot, even with his help I'm still feeling shattered throughout the day. Last time I spoke to midwife she said iron was a little on the low side but not very low...I've also been getting pelvic pain and my vagina hurts when I go to get up from lying down or sitting down.

Moan over guys! Any thoughts much appreciated x

OP posts:
sel2223 · 25/07/2020 09:45

I'm 37 weeks and been like this for about 8 weeks now. My iron levels are fine so it seems it's just a part of pregnancy for some of us.
I'm more exhausted now than I ever was in the first trimester and the pains, cramps, tightenings are horrible.

RandomMess · 25/07/2020 09:47

I always ended up anaemic and the difference when I started taking floradix was amazing!

Problem with iron tests is that they don't know what your non-pregnant normal is...

Rachchar88 · 25/07/2020 11:39

I’m 32 weeks and have been feeling the same for the last week or so. I have a 1 year old who keeps me busy but I’ve been feeling a lot more exhausted and even doing simple things makes me tired and have pain in my hips. I’m not anaemic but haven’t been sleeping well with being so uncomfortable and needing to get up for the toilet so much in the night.

Keha · 25/07/2020 12:02

I posted quite a similar message (minus the 1 year old) when I was about 34 weeks. My iron was a bit low but didn't feel much better when I took iron tablets. I think it's normal, was such a slog at the end. Hope you feel a bit better.

RandomMess · 25/07/2020 13:49

Iron tablets don't work quickly and don't works much at all if you aren't eating the correct foods with them. Spa tone or floradix have the other things in them so your body can absorb the iron in them. Still takes a couple of weeks to feel the benefit though.

Sunsage · 25/07/2020 14:46

33 weeks and I'm the same! Honestly exhausted, and it's a tiredness that I have never ever felt before!!

maria2bela · 25/07/2020 15:06

Thanks ladies, nice to know I'm not on my own! Xx

OP posts:
Gardenermumtobe · 25/07/2020 15:28

I'm only 27 weeks but had been feeling really tired and had terrible restless legs. My midwife mentioned last week that my iron levels were borderline which is why she hadn't put me on iron tablets earlier so I asked to be put on them because I thought it might help the restless legs. I've been taking the tablets for 8 days and I feel so much better and the restless legs has completely gone. It might be worth trying iron tablets if you can get a prescription? Or perhaps have more red meat for a week, my midwife said that's the best iron source you can get but I'm vegetarian, and if you feel better then that might indicate whether iron is the problem.
Hope you feel better, it must be very frustrating

Sarafive · 25/07/2020 18:59

I have felt the same recently (same stage of pregnancy and young infant) and taken the iron tablets. Felt improved once I took them twice a day with orange juice and avoided caffeine for an hour either side (it reduces iron intake). Floradix would help ensure iron is not to blame, or eating lots of green vegetables and drinking orange juice (it helps maximise iron intake). Good luck.

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