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First time - Question for early weeks

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Annie1211 · 25/07/2020 08:55

Hey I am 4 weeks pregnant.

I phoned the doctor early last week to let them know, the male doctor Told me they don't deal with early pregnancies and gave me a number to call.

Phoned the number and it was to arrange an appointment with a midwife.

Got an appointment for when I'm 8 weeks.

But is there anyone I should be speaking to for the first 8 weeks? Someone to guide me on my do's and dont's ? It's my first time and just a bit concerned I've not to speak to someone until 8 weeks. But maybe that is just the norm? X

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bluebaskets · 25/07/2020 08:58

The NHS website has a full guide. Most important things at this stage are to stop any smoking, drinking and drug taking (and see your GP to discuss any prescription medicines you are taking, and talk to a pharmacist before taking anything over the counter) and take folic acid and vitamin d supplements.

Annie1211 · 25/07/2020 08:59

@bluebaskets Thankyou for this, just wasn't sure if I had to speak to someone in the early weeks :) xxxx

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ovener · 25/07/2020 09:05

It does feel like a long wait to 8 weeks doesn't it? There will be a few big gaps between appointments to get through, but that's normal and you can always phone a midwife or GP if you have any concerns.

Good luck and I hope you don't feel too sick as the weeks go by!

sel2223 · 25/07/2020 09:51


Early pregnancy is very surreal isnt it? You don't see or speak to anyone for the first 8-10 weeks so you're basically on your own with Google and forums like this.
No one even confirms your pregnancy.
The whole first half of pregnancy is all pretty slow to be honest....the vast majority of appointments and care doesn't come till the 3rd trimester.

Annie1211 · 25/07/2020 09:59

Thankyou so much! I know it is surreal! No one knows as we are keeping it a secret so I finding it so difficult not having anyone to confide in or jus to talk to about it. So relying on google which is overwhelming loll

So far I've just had headaches and complete tiredness but I've been okay! But it's early days xxxxxx

OP posts:
Ginfilledcats · 25/07/2020 10:17

Perfectly normal to not see anyone. Appointments differ across the country but my experience was

8 weeks - booking in at maternity hospital with midwife, bloods taken, medical history taken etc, some basic advice (which is already read bout on nhs website)

12 weeks - scan at hospital (appointment was made at previous appointment)

16 weeks - community midwife appt at gp (I had to book this) medical history repeated, more of the same advice, explanation of what will happen when (appointmrnt wise)

20 weeks - scan at hospital (appointment booked at last scan)

28 weeks - community midwife appointment. More bloods, whooping cough jab (I'd already had by flu jab at work some months prior). Measured bump and listened to heart beat, BP and urine check.

31 weeks - community midwife. Measured bump and listened to heart beat, BP and urine check.

35 weeks - community midwife. Measured bump and listened to heart beat, BP and urine check. Talked about birth plan

37 weeks - community midwife. Measured bump and listened to heart beat, BP and urine check.

38 weeks - Measured bump and listened to heart beat, BP and urine check.

Would have had appt at 40 weeks but I was in labour....

All the community appts were booked at the gp each time I went.

As I said, the above varies a lot from what I've read on Mumsnet, and might vary more at the moment given covid (i gave birth in June but all my appts were still face to face, my friend in Sheffield however saw no one face to face between 20 weeks and 35 and had them all over the phone).

Good luck, enjoy, relax!

Annie1211 · 25/07/2020 11:47

Thanks everyone! Is there any foods I should avoid ? Or should eat to help? Xxx

OP posts:
Bearcub01 · 25/07/2020 11:55

Hi! We just found out last Friday and I was the same, I called my doctor but it just kept ringing out so someone from here told me about the midwife booking number. I called that and got an appointment for 10weeks and scan at 12weeks. Seems so far away, I don’t know what to do with myself until then. I always thought people had scans at 8 weeks, had no clue it was much later!

I haven’t even spoken to my own doctor but the midwife has been in touch to let them know and I was giving a prescription for folic acid, which I’ve been taken for a few months anyway.

I’m 6 weeks now but considering booking in for a private early scan just for some reassurance and purely because I’m impatient! I’m on google constantly looking at what to eat and not to. I think eggs are going to be the main things for me, I’ll be eating them breakfast, lunch and dinner.

scotgal99 · 25/07/2020 12:04

I would book a private scan. I’m pregnant with my first & it totally put me at ease. Smile

Annie1211 · 25/07/2020 12:47

Aww congrats! Are you guys on any group chats for new mums? I would love to be in one just to talk to someone tbh xxxx

OP posts:
Nottherealslimshady · 25/07/2020 13:13

Hi I'm about the same, also first time. Haven't rang doctor yet, waiting till I've done a week indicator on monday. I'm having some spotting, google and mumsnet are telling me it's nothing to worry about much but I am so scared I'm going to lose it and obviously theres nothing to be done about it.

NHS website is really good for info, it's just about looking after yourself and being healthy at this stage.

Hanrora06 · 25/07/2020 13:33

FTM also! I'm a bit further on than you (19 weeks) but I felt similarly a bit lost at first! I also thought I needed to go to the doctors for a test but nope, just spoke to a midwife on the phone, she arranged to call me back about 7 weeks and we went through a questionnaire of medical history etc, and I had a proper face to face appointment at about 8/9 weeks for blood tests, urine, blood pressure, weight. Do you have a number for your local maternity unit? I can just call 24/7 and ask any questions I have, which I have found really useful. I also got given a big booklet at my first appointment with loads of information and to keep my medical records in it, that's really useful.

Basically, just follow the NHS guidance as your first point of call for most things. There's a page on food:

I have also found I've learned a lot from Mumsnet so you're in the right place. I also found a Facebook group for my month I'm due, so maybe search for that? You'll find a lot of other women in your position. A couple of books I learned a lot from were 'Like a Mother' and 'Giving Birth Like a Feminist'. I've also got 'Expecting Better', not read that yet though, but I enjoyed the beginning. They're very supportive and informative.

Saying all that, I guess the main thing is to keep an eye on any anxiety. Like it's totally natural to feel nervous and worried in the first trimester, it's a weird time for everyone and there's nothing you can do but listen to your body and take care of yourself. I felt kind of happy to be honest to be in lockdown for it as I didn't have to deal with other people while I was keeping it quiet!

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