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Childbirth during pandemic

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ColloMama · 24/07/2020 22:53

Hey, more of a curiosity post than anything.

I'm 36 weeks pregnant and the hospital trust I will be giving birth at have now lifted their restrictions to allow one birth partner for induction and labour. Originally due to Covid 19, it was one birth partner and only allowed in when the mum is in active labour, even if they're induced. I'm just happy my fiancé can be there with me for our first baby but I understood why they put the restrictions in place. But with everything going on, the other women's hospital are apparently making the mums wear masks when they get into hospital for labour and then for the whole of their stay for the post natal ward. I spoke to my midwife to ask will I need to have a mask on all day for getting there and then after I have the baby and she said not at the minute but it could change with the new rules about masks in shops coming into place.

As long as the baby is safe I'm happy but I was just wondering has anyone else had to wear a mask after their labour or just before they go to the delivery suite? Did you feel okay? Or did they let you go earlier so that you can be comfortable with the baby at home?

OP posts:
Camia · 25/07/2020 02:39

I haven't given birth yet (we're keeping fingers crossed for this weekend) but I have been told my hospital is requiring masks. However they're in the process of switching over to testing mothers so if I get lucky they'll do that when I get admitted and if it comes back negative I won't have to wear one the rest of my time there. I can't imagine having to wear one during labor, it sounds like it would make it even more difficult, but I understand their reasoning. Like you I'll do whatever so long as baby is all good and healthy, but I will admit I won't be very happy with a mask on that whole time

snitzelvoncrumb · 25/07/2020 02:48

I imagine most of the time wearing a mask will be ok, but not close to the end and pushing, most would refuse. I doubt a midwife would be that mean.

SoundWithoutAName · 25/07/2020 02:54

I gave birth 2 weeks ago and didn't need to wear a mask. The midwives wore them so i didn't have to. Birthing partner also didn't need to wear one.

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