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Reusable nappies

9 replies

MahnaMahna · 23/07/2020 21:19


I’m looking into reusable nappies for the baba when they arrive. There are so many different types and options. I need help!!

Any advice or suggestions?xx

OP posts:
CupcakesK · 23/07/2020 21:27

There is too much for me to type about this right now (LO needs feeding!) I'll write more later, if other posters don't give you all of the advice first. I would definitely recommend you visit the nappy lady website and do the questionnaire to get some recommendations to start you off. The website has loads of helpful info too

BobCat2020 · 23/07/2020 21:45

I'm in no position to offer proper advice as I'm a pregnant FTM but after doing my research I decided to get x20 onesize Little Lamb pocket nappies. I can't wait to use them!

PurpleGoose · 23/07/2020 22:00

I'd advise finding your closest nappy library and hiring a kit (lots of different brands for you to try), before buying any. Some brands work better than others depending on your baby's shape/size/wee volume.

Also most babies aren't in newborn sizes for very long, so I'd either hire a newborn kit for the time you needed it, or pick up a cheap second-hand bundle (loads of Facebook groups)

Oh and in case you haven't already found this out 'Birth to Potty' (BTP) nappies don't actually fit from birth, more like from 6-12 weeks on average.

june2007 · 23/07/2020 22:15

See if there is a rep near you who can go through the different types, Look up nappy Gurus fro Fill your pants or reps from THe Nappy Lady I did this, would hold demos in parents and tots, and peoples homes and lent them out for trials, also held the trial bucket from the council so contact your local council they may have some financial incentive as well. Best to try before you buy though.

Hatscats · 23/07/2020 22:23

I’ve been researching using the nappy lady and nappy gurus, they have Facebook groups too which are useful. I’ve also found a nappy library. Have purchased a few little lambs one size pockets, baba and boos, and some tots bots (they do a trial kit for £26 which is worth a look).

Anotherscentedcandle · 23/07/2020 22:49

Definitely try and borrow a kit from a nappy library. Different types of nappy suit different mums and babies and it's good to give a few a try before committing.

edin16 · 23/07/2020 22:57

I second looking at the nappy lady and nappy gurus. Baba and boo have some great blog posts too.
I'd also suggest going the nappy last Facebook site and looking at the comments on posters needing advice too, you get some expert answers on it

CupcakesK · 24/07/2020 08:27

Ok, so here are some general points to consider:

  1. The reasons for wanting to use reusable. Some people want to use them for natural fibres next to the babies skin (e.g. organic cotton), some people want to reduce landfill waste or for sustainability of the planet (i.e. any material type in the nappy is fine)

2. Sustainability of the material. Bamboo is the most sustainable, however it is classed as a semi-synthetic material which some people prefer to avoid (I have no issues with this and think it is the best material). Organic cotton is probably the least sustainable in the way it is grown. There are other materials too (cotton, hemp)

3. Absorbability - bamboo is probably the best but can take ages to dry (recommend having a tumble drier for this one)

4. Type of nappy system. Easiest are one part nappies (these are like normal nappies except they either fasten by poppers or velcro).

Pocket nappies - similar to above but you insert an absorbent core in the nappy

2 part nappies - the nappy and a waterproof wrap on the outside. These are usually the most absorbent and good for use at night, but a bit more effort putting on.

5. Sized nappies or birth to potty nappies? Birth to potty are good because it can keep the cost down as you are only buying one set of nappies. HOWEVER! They do not fit 'birth' to potty - you will need another, smaller nappy for at least the first 1-3 months. You could use disposables, or hire nappies for this period, or some people use muslins (I've never tried this option!)

5. Look of the nappy - is this important to you? Some are bulkier than others/come in a nicer variety of patterns etc

6. Other bits - do you want to use reusable liners (liners are needed to catch the poop) and wipes too? I would recommend this as this keeps the cost down and as you are washing nappies, you might as well wash these bits too. You will also need to consider getting a waterproof bag to put dirty nappies in while you are out and a nappy bucket to store dirty nappies in at home.
Superscientist · 24/07/2020 09:03

We are looking at reuseables, we aren't due for another few weeks so I don't know how this will turn out!

We are planing on using muslins cloth and wraps for the first few months. When I was looking there were more options that open up over 10lbs and this was a cheap way to get an introduction into cloth nappies. There are a few folds that are pretty easy to do and you use a nappy nippa to hold it in place (it's a t shape gripping bar that is used in place of safety pins) then you place a wrap around that. The wrap can be used through out the day provided and get changed in the morning or evening.

I am going to look into other options later but will probably go down the two part route as it will suit our washing situation more.

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