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Earlier maternity leave??

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Sunsage · 23/07/2020 17:53

So originally I had planned to go off at 37 weeks, using 3 weeks holidays and my maternity leave kicking in the day before I'm due. Mainly to get more weeks on the other side and with the lockdown there's been a pile of work sitting that needs doing before I go off.

Today has been my first full day back in the office, (I'm a legal receiptionist) I was up and down the stairs and running round like a blue arsed fly, which I usually do with ease but it's been a good few weeks since I've had to (I was doing half days the last few weeks too)

I'm exhausted, I have a sore head, my pelvic pain is back, I don't think I can honestly make it another 4 weeks. But I also don't want to leave my boss in the lurch and all my workload left.

Should I suck it up and not let a bad day put me off or start my leave earlier?? I really feel like I'm between a rock and a hard place, as the company i work for is pretty small... I know nobody can tell me what to do but advice/thoughts would be lovely!

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pinkcattydude · 23/07/2020 17:59

Can anything be done to make it easier for you ie move desk, someone run up and down for you? Is there someone taking over from you could they be started earlier?

Sunsage · 23/07/2020 18:00

Some of our staff are still furloughed so I really don't know what is happening with my cover!

Suppose better to speak to my boss first to see what can be done before I sack it all off completely?

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SunbathingDragon · 23/07/2020 18:02

I’d ask for a revised risk assessment to be carried out so you can carry on in the way that is easiest for you.

MichelleOR84 · 23/07/2020 18:17

I’m 23 weeks into my second pregnancy and taking an early maternity leave . I’m going at 30 weeks but technically taking 4 weeks holiday and then going on maternity at 34 weeks . I’m struggling too but I also want some time with my first born before things get hectic . I don’t plan on returning to work after this maternity leave as well so it didn’t matter so much .

SnuggyBuggy · 23/07/2020 18:19

Was this a bad day or is this just what the job is like?

Sunsage · 23/07/2020 18:31

@MichelleOR84 that sounds like a lovely idea!

@SnuggyBuggy as I've came home and got showered and had a cuppa I feel like today was particularly hectic, a maybe a bad day and there's 4 weeks that I'd rather have on the end! Definitely think I'll speak to my boss tomorrow about risk assessment, and also my genuine worry that I won't make it another 4 weeks!

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