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Positive test????

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OnMyJourney · 22/07/2020 17:43

So I'm lost and like freaking out right now! So I took an ovulation test which came up like 100% positive and I thought that's odd because I had an extremely light period so I thought I wouldn't ovulate that soon so i took some cheap pregnancy tests to kinda rule out pregnancy and they sort of looked positive too so I kinda freaked out and took a FR test and it came up with quite a clear line! Like I know it means positive but I just finished bleeding and I took one a few days ago while I was bleeding and it said negative! I'm really confused, could these be a false positive?? I'm really stressing out right now ConfusedConfusedConfusedxx

OP posts:
OnMyJourney · 22/07/2020 17:44

Here's a picture of my tests that I've taken!

Positive test????
OP posts:
Caaarrrl · 22/07/2020 17:47

They all look like really strong positives to me and I can usually never see a line on these threads!

TeddyBeans · 22/07/2020 17:48

Ovulation tests react to pregnancy hormones so that would be why the OPK looks positive. Congratulations, you are most likely pregnant! Your light period was probably implantation bleeding

Grobagsforever · 22/07/2020 17:50

Do you want to me pregnant OP? You definitely are, but don't sound happy?

OnMyJourney · 22/07/2020 18:26

@Caaarrrl honestly I always look at threads like this and I never see a line either but I just had to make sure I wasn't like imagining it! Thank you! Smile

@TeddyBeans I thought that would be the case with the ovulation tests, I only found that out a couple days ago actually but good thing I did know! Thank you! Smile

@Grobagsforever I know I'm sorry I sounded kind of disappointed but I'm definitely happy about it we've been trying for about 5 months and I have extremely irregular cycles like this cycle was like 62 days! So I'm just really confused and really shocked that it came up positive, I didn't want to get excited in case it turns out this was like a false positive kind of situation! but I do appreciate you asking! Thank you! Smile

OP posts:
Grobagsforever · 22/07/2020 18:31

@OnMyJourney that is 100 percent positive, you can relax! Congratulations

gingerbeerandlemonade · 22/07/2020 18:42

Definitely positive! Really strong lines. Huge congratulations 🎉

OnMyJourney · 22/07/2020 18:54

@Grobagsforever @gingerbeerandlemonade

Thank you so much I'm so excited! 🥰🤰

OP posts:
20viona · 22/07/2020 18:58

Strong lines congrats!

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