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Anterior Placenta

22 replies

Ducky1900 · 22/07/2020 12:47

Had a scan Monday, and was told I my placenta is at the front, think that's anterior...?
Has anyone had this before? When did you feel movement?
What was movement like when you did feel it?
I'm 16+4 now with No. 2 and haven't felt anything, I know it's still a bit early.

I'm going to be worried about movements as DS didn't move much, was always getting monitored and he stopped growing at 37 weeks.
So lack of movements really worry me.

OP posts:
sapphire54925 · 22/07/2020 13:09

I had anterior placenta with my first baby and I didn't feel anything until about 6 months and even then it was just a tiny random pop here and there. This time around has been much the opposite

biscuit13 · 22/07/2020 13:10

Hey @Ducky1900 I have an anterior placenta, but mine is low lying too so don't know if that makes a difference.
But I started to feel movements at 19 weeks, I am 25 weeks now and I think for the last 4 weeks I have felt baby move every day. Not going to lie I do get the odd day where I don't feel anything for ages and am just about to call up, and then baby kicks me, so must be laying differently. But most days I can feel nice strong kicks and lots of wriggling.

DJBebe · 22/07/2020 13:17

I have an anterior placenta as well. Started to feel the 1st light movement at week 20 and by week 21 the movement started to feel stronger and more defined. I still had day of lighter movement which made me worry but all was fine. I am 30 weeks now and the kicks are definitely stronger and my whole tummy wriggle when the baby moves which is very reassuring.
Hope all goes well but if you are worried call the maternity triage number. They are very helpful.

ChickenDipper28 · 22/07/2020 13:19

I've got an anterior placenta and I felt very light bubble movements very low down to the right from around 15 weeks. From 18 weeks I've felt movement everyday, but I think everyone's different!

Scotinportugal · 22/07/2020 13:21

Hey OP

I just found out at my 20 week scan I have an anterior placenta which is low lying aswell. I'm 21+2 and haven't felt a thing Confused not even tiny swishy movements!
I'm sure we will feel something soon xx

HarrietM87 · 22/07/2020 14:05

I’ve got an anterior placenta this time (second baby) and have been feeling strong movements since about 15/16 weeks, so much so I was shocked when they said it was anterior at 20 week scan, as I’d heard that you tend to feel movements later with that. I think mine is quite high so wonder if that makes a difference.

Babyvibe · 22/07/2020 14:22

I had an anterior placenta, it's a bit of a nightmare tbh I was always worrying. I didn't feel movement for a long time, can't remember when but it was long past when you are 'supposed' to feel. Also some days I would feel loads of movement and some days not very much but then I'd ring the hospital go in and on the monitors they could see he was moving loads. Until the last couple of weeks of pregnancy I didn't ever feel regular patterns but he was always fine and is now a 15 week old beautiful boy so try not to worry too much Smile

sel2223 · 22/07/2020 14:26

Hi OP, I've got a high anterior placenta and felt nothing until i was over 22 weeks (FTM).

Monitoring movements with the placenta at the front can be very frustrating as it's much harder to feel anything. I have never felt a single thing above the belly button and it's hit and miss how often I feel movements lower down.

I'm 37 weeks now and still don't really have a proper pattern. I've been in a couple of times for reduced movements and had a growth scan earlier this week where baby was kicking and moving around but I couldn't feel a thing as it was all behind the placenta. It's very frustrating and can lead to a lot of anxiety.

peachypetite · 22/07/2020 15:34

I’m 21+3 and think I felt some flutters the other night. Other than that nothing!

Hatscats · 22/07/2020 15:48

Mines low anterior, first felt movement about 22 weeks, and it’s still very variable in terms of what I feel, quite worrying at times! Then I get some big kicks, or some days where I feel loads too. Hoping it’s moved up now, I’m 27 weeks, the movement I feel is all very low, which makes me think it has.

LBB2020 · 22/07/2020 15:51

I’ve had an anterior placenta both pregnancies. Currently 28 weeks with DC2 and started feeling light flutters around 19 weeks. Now the baby is constantly kicking, punching and doing somersaults! Smile

Jarofflies · 22/07/2020 15:55

Both of mine were anterior, I felt small movements by 20 weeks with both. By 30 it felt like they were trying to kick their way out! I think it varies a lot so you might feel them fine.

LTurton · 22/07/2020 16:05

I have an anterior placenta (first pregnancy) and I first felt movement at around 20/21 weeks. It wasn't losds but they were like muscle twitches. They got stronger as the weeks went by, I'm 28 weeks now and most days I feel him loads, proper kicks, pokes, shifting around everything! I've had two episodes where I've gone in for reduced movements, and the little man has been hiding behind my placenta but other than that I feel like my initial worries of not feeling him much because of my placenta have gone away :)

Prettylittlelady · 22/07/2020 16:13

I’ve got an anterior placenta. Currently 28 weeks. I started feeling flutters around the 18 week mark and definite movements around a week later. Now, at 28 weeks baby moves regularly.

Zen87 · 22/07/2020 16:54

FTM also with anterior placenta. First felt (what I could confidently say was a kick) at 28 weeks. I also had a scan at 28 weeks and could clearly see her kicking but couldn’t feel a thing when it was into my placenta! It can be so worrying and cause anxiety but you just have to continually get checked if your worried...there really is no other way around it unfortunately!

Ducky1900 · 22/07/2020 20:10

Thank you all. Its reassuring to hear that I will feel baby, just a bit later.
It was always hit and miss with my son didn't want a repeat of the movement saga but I'm guessing I will have similar trouble!

OP posts:
lc86 · 22/07/2020 20:12

I'm 20 weeks with my 3rd baby and didn't feel until 19 weeks due to anterior placenta 😔 movements still feel very reduced.. a friend is 28 weeks with anterior placenta and said she only really feels movement at night when she's on her side xx

rlnx · 23/07/2020 06:31

I have an anterior placenta (FTM) and I felt definite movement's from 20 weeks and had a clear pattern from about 26 weeks.
At 29 weeks I had to go in twice for reduced movements so they scanned me & i have polyhydramnios. Now its very difficult so im having ctg monitoring 3 times a week. Sometimes ill see my stomach moving but I can't feel it 😕

kkr168 · 23/07/2020 08:16

I have an anterior placenta, I was told its central so I wasn't expecting to feel any movements for a while. However I have felt movements from 20 weeks & now at 22 weeks you cannot mistake those movements, he is wriggling around & kicking me every morning & night, when laid in bed or during the day if I'm relaxing on the sofa. I have felt kicks right behind my belly button which made no sense as I assumed the placenta (being central) would soften the blows, this baby is clearly very strong!
I had an anterior placenta with my last pregnancy too but also had a very lazy baby, so pretty much never felt movements, even at full term, he would give the tiniest tap when he eventually moved.

MizMoonshine · 23/07/2020 08:22

Second round with Anterior placenta. Both felt around 20 weeks.

AlviesMam · 23/07/2020 08:25

Felt bubbles at 18 weeks. I'm coming up 26 weeks now and only just starting to feel light kicks. I don't have a pattern though and the movements are still very random

NWnature · 23/07/2020 09:42

I'm 28+5 with an anterior placenta. I still only feel things sporadically and definitely nothing like strong kicks. I had a scan at the weekend and everything is ok in there and the baby was tranverse at the moment. I do sometimes feel prods at the lower sides of my stomach but as I say, nothing major and not very often. Its worrying but I haven't been in for reduces movements yet as I do generally feel the baby at least once a day now.

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