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Taking baby home from hospital

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otterbaby · 21/07/2020 11:37

A bit of a silly one here - we've bought a car seat that doesn't actually come out of the car. When we leave the hospital, will I just be able to carry our baby out in my arms, assuming my DH is going to pull the car up to the entrance for us? I do have a baby sling but don't really want to faff on with that for the first time just for the sake of walking from the door to the car...

Other option is the pram/carry cot but again, seems pointless if we don't need to use it!


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Somethingorotherorother · 21/07/2020 11:39

Not where we are - the midwives insist on seeing the baby put into the seat correctly before they let you leave.

Also, a fixed car seat for a newborn is a pain - i would really recommend getting a belt in one that clicks onto the pram. Just makes life so much easier.

AnnaSW1 · 21/07/2020 11:41

I carried mine out in my arms. We have fixed car seats

AnnaSW1 · 21/07/2020 11:42

I'm in London

Bubblesbubblesmybubbles · 21/07/2020 11:43

Around here they are fine with it, they didn't have an issue with me or a friend leaving with baby knowing we had that kind.

Talk to your midwife in advance maybe

otterbaby · 21/07/2020 11:47

I may as well have just called to ask in the first place as it sounds like it varies from hospital to hospital! Just rang and they aren't bothered at all - one less thing to pack 😀

Thanks for everyone's help.

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