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Overdue and fed up. Help!

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iLanny · 20/07/2020 19:17

So I’m 40+4 today and so fed up! I went to see the midwife when I turned 40 weeks and wasn’t able to get a sweep because baby was too high. I went back again today and baby is still too high - 4/5 palpable.

I’ve been having a lot of cramping pains and tightenings, especially at night for the past week. These always feel like they’re building up but by morning they’ve disappeared.

I’ve had some stringy blood in my discharge twice today but no clear sign of a plug.

I’m booked in for an induction for Sunday but feeling really down about the thought of being pregnant any longer, especially because for the past few days I’ve been thinking “maybe this is it!”

My first pregnancy I went to 40+8 and do believe a sweep at 40+5 helped. I didn’t really have a build up of symptoms or signs with my first other than losing my plug after the sweep. Then at 40+7 had a contraction after a strong curry and baby was here 7 hours later.

Any tips for getting through the next few days without googling how to induce labour naturally anymore than I have done? If I have to spend anymore time on that birthing ball I may cry!!

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Lucky08 · 20/07/2020 19:21

Not an expert but I remember reading somewhere the other day that nipple stimulation is the only evidenced proven way to help bring on labour 🤷🏼‍♀️. Not sure exactly how true this is.

user1498572889 · 20/07/2020 19:41

I read somewhere about rolling hip exercises to help bring baby down. Sorry no idea where.

iLanny · 20/07/2020 20:07

Thanks for both the replies! I have tried both but perhaps not enough to make a difference. What I really need is a way to not think about starting off my labour anymore and let it happen when it’s ready. Easier said than done when you feel like a whale!

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