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Sridi · 20/07/2020 18:39

Hi all.. I am 21week pregnant now. It's something related with my husband and me. My husband has always been a lazy ass. Not helping around with anything. But after pregnancy he was certainly helpful. Being pregnant was his idea and when we knew we were pregnant,he really was very happy. But then from 13week i started bleeding alot. He couldn't control himself, instead of me being sad and worried,i had to console him instead. Then i was advised complete bedrest and he had to do every housework.we both are doctors. with all the duties and household work and constantly worrying about what will happen he started to get more anxious. I bled till 17week. Even after it stopped ,he has become more irritable,always mad. I offered to help him because now i am alright. He wont accept help since he is worried it might happen again. He gives me food and all ,but neither he ever gets excited when baby moves or nor he ever tries to talk with kid inside. He keeps on getting angry even on small thing. I am frustated and dont know what to do. I am sad always,because of all this i cant even enjoy my pregnancy,i get horrible thoughts and i am crying constantly.

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