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Pregnancy discharge advice

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gd34 · 20/07/2020 17:48

Hi Ladies,
I just wanted some sound advice, as googling seems to just get me down.
Last week when wiping, I came across light green discharge (normal texture, no smell). With a little abdominal pain and the discharge over the week, I decided to go to drs, who did a swab and turns out it's thrush.
But as there was light green discharge, the dr wants to double check for gonorrhoea. Unlikely, but just to rule it out. Even though it's a very slim change, I'm going out of my mind with worry. The thought of gonorrhoea scares me as google says horrific things about the unborn/newborn.
Has anyone had light green and it just be a preggers thing?
I'm 10 weeks pregnant, so this all happened at 9 weeks.
Thank you x

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ff678 · 20/07/2020 20:46

Interested to know too - what discharge everyone is experiencing

SpunBodgeSquarepants · 20/07/2020 21:01

Yes, me!! I've had it every pregnancy and actually first noticed some today, I'm 9+6. It looks horrific doesn't it! It's like greenish jelly. For me it's just something that happens during pregnancy, I think it might be tiny bits of the mucus plug breaking away.

gd34 · 20/07/2020 21:23

That's relief to hear! There's not enough online about the more unusual symptoms that are still normal.
It's just says green is seriously abnormal - but it seems to be a pregnancy symptom, but no articles.

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