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Still couldnt confirm heart ok at 2nd scan worried!

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Rara88Cas · 20/07/2020 17:38

Hi guys so I had 20 week scan two weeks ago and sonographer said everything looked great but just couldnt get the images/measurements for heart so booked me in for a 22 week scan.

Went today for 22 weeks rescan and they still.couldnt confirm everything was ok as babys position wouldnt allow her to check structure.

Now shes saying the consultant will call me tomorrow to say whether it's ok to have a 3rd scan its it's their policy only to do two.

I'm absolutely devastated that my little boy may have a heart problem! Has anyone else experienced this?

Super super worried mummy!

OP posts:
FatherBrownsBicycle · 20/07/2020 18:03

No experience just wanted to bump for you and send you my thoughts, such a worrying time for you. Hopefully the consultant will agree to another scan and baby will be in perfect position for them to check and give you some reassurance Flowers

TobysMum16 · 20/07/2020 18:34

Just to reassure you I ended up having x4 20 week scans with my little boy. He was also uncooperative and sonographer not particularly patient. In my area it’s policy to scan twice with the sonographer, then if they still can’t get a full scan an appointment with consultant. If they have no luck referral to foetal medicine at next hospital. We were 100% reassured by the final scan and our boy is healthy.
I think if they had seen something concerning they would tell you. It sounds like they just couldn’t get the view they needed to sign him off.

HogDogKetchup · 20/07/2020 18:36

Same thing happened to me. Baby was fine - they genuinely just couldn’t see his heart.

SionnachRua · 20/07/2020 18:37

This happened to one of my friends - like the others are saying the baby was fine, just not very cooperative with scans! It's a worrying time for you but fingers crossed everything is fine.

Rara88Cas · 20/07/2020 18:41

Thanks all! You've really helped reassure me! They didnt say they were concerned just that as his chin was covering they couldnt sign him off x

OP posts:
mobear · 20/07/2020 18:55

The exact same thing happened to me - nothing wrong that they could see but they couldn’t see what they needed to clearly. They referred me for a specialist scan with, I think, a cardiologist after two attempts. The cardiologist also couldn’t see what was going on but said on balance it looked fine but if there were any concerns further down the line I’d be sent back to them.

Foreverbaffled · 20/07/2020 21:55

I’m sorry, how scary but it does genuinely sound like they just couldn’t get a good view. That doesn’t mean anything is wrong. Hopefully a third scan will confirm that all is fine.

Izzywhizz16 · 20/07/2020 22:31

Same happened to me, had two scans to check the heart simply because baby was in the wrong position to get the full view.

sarahc336 · 21/07/2020 06:42

I had this with the spine, as baby was sat on their bum they literally couldn't see all the spine, had to keep going back and then they finally saw it all. They are just sometimes in the wrong position to get a good look xx

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