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Maternity workout leggings

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sdot87 · 20/07/2020 15:57

FTM and first time posting having been absorbing lots of useful advice whilst reading other threads! I wondered if anyone could recommend good brands for maternity workout leggings? I haven't got a proper bump just yet but I feel like it's only a matter of time now, so trying to get ahead of the game!
Thanks in advance :D

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Bl0ndi3 · 20/07/2020 16:38


I saw your post earlier and had nothing to recommend. But I've been looking at maternity wear myself and came across some maternity workout leggings by Matalan and I rate their normal work out leggings so they could be a shout?

sdot87 · 20/07/2020 17:04

@Bl0ndi3 Thank you, i'll definitely take a look :)

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pregnancydiet · 20/07/2020 17:06

I actually got a surprisingly good pair from George at Asda

Wudgy · 20/07/2020 18:31

Second George at Asda, lived in theirs for weeks! I have then black with side pocket ones and sheer at ankle and the black Ones with blue line down side!

Lilice · 20/07/2020 23:28

I also got my maternity workout leggings from George at asda. Good value for money

Yorkshirelass251 · 21/07/2020 05:36

My usual workout leggings are from George and they're brilliant, a million times better than my Adidas ones. I just bought mine from H and M and they seem to be really good too.

Excitablemuch · 21/07/2020 06:00

During my first pregnancy I got some from gap.... phenomenal. So supportive and not in the least bit baggy or see through. I will be buying more this time!

Blondebear123 · 21/07/2020 06:56

Reebok. Im not normally a reebok fan but these were brill. I exercised 5 days a week when pregnant so they were washed loads. Iwore them all the time for exercise and to work and also after bsby born too as went over c section scsr!

sdot87 · 21/07/2020 09:25

Thank you everyone, really appreciate it! Will definitely be checking these out - bring on the online shopping!!!

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