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Craving sugar?

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sarahb083 · 19/07/2020 15:04

I'm 11 weeks and have really struggled with nausea and food aversion. One thing that really helps is eating carbs/sugar every hour or so. Sometimes I'll have something like toast, but I'm really craving sweets as well - and they make me feel much less ill. Is this normal? Is it healthy to have these blood sugar spikes?

OP posts:
ivfdreaming · 19/07/2020 15:19

Yeah this happened to me with DD1 and again now I'm 8 weeks with twins! It's a nightmare as I put on a LOT of weight the first time 🤣

sel2223 · 19/07/2020 17:21

I basically lived on salted crisps and fizzy sweets for the first 3-4 months as it's all I could manage! It then changed to ice cream and now (36 weeks) I just cant get enough sweet fruit!
Your body will tell you what it needs. If you're worried, you could think about taking a pregnancy multi vitamin?

lockdownpregnancy · 19/07/2020 17:51

OP I was like that in my first trimester and going into my second. I was in lockdown at the time so all my sweets were ordered online.
One time I ordered £25 worth of sweets! 😬😬😬😳😳😳
I was terrible! I just couldn't stop!

Gerdticker · 19/07/2020 18:22

Yep same! I ordered a bulk box of Tony’s Chocolonely bars at 2am one night!

All I would say is also make sure you’re drinking enough water too - sometimes you crave sweet stuff if your a little dehydrated.

So have sweets AND water Grin

Bettie2192 · 19/07/2020 20:32

I had a major sugar craving in my first trimester, all I wanted was cake, chocolate, biscuits etc. And I never had that much of a sweet tooth before. Luckily the sugar craving also meant I was super into fruit so I got a lot of nutrition that way! But honestly I have indulged my sweet tooth throughout my pregnancy and have always felt absolutely fine, no issues with mine or baby’s health. Don’t worry too much, you will know yourself when you’ve overindulged.

UrsulaSings · 19/07/2020 21:36

I think the craving for sugar can be because of dips in energy and the body craves something that gives it a quick boost of energy.

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