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To be very confused about what sizes of clothes I need?!

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Prettylittlelady · 19/07/2020 14:16

So I’m 27+4 and trying to get bits sorted. I know this will probably give lots of different responses but how many bits of newborn, up to 1 month, 0-3 do I need?
I was thinking to bring some newborn Sleepsuits and some up to 1 month to the hospital but really don’t know how much of each I need and how long baby will stay in each size so I’m getting very confused!

OP posts:
TeddyBeans · 19/07/2020 14:19

I found we were in 0-3 after about 2 weeks so you really don't need much at all of anything smaller.

One pack of vests and one pack of sleep suits in up to 1 month will probably be enough

welshladywhois40 · 19/07/2020 14:29

We had two packs of vests and baby gros for 1 months and then it felt like everyone gets you 0-3 months as gifts. I needed up returned quite a bit into the next size up.

While I carry on sounding ungrateful we were given lovely but fiddly outfits and my son lived in baby grow or rompers. Ease is what you want!

GirlCalledJames · 19/07/2020 14:31

Depends on the size of the baby, we used newborn for months both times (7lb and 5lb).
We were told at the birth preparation course that we would need 14 changes. Was about right for us, remembering that two changes were in the nappy bag at all times. We don’t have a tumble drier so needed to be sure of things having enough time to dry.

Whatinthename20 · 19/07/2020 14:37


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