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kidsareok · 19/07/2020 10:43

Hi! I'm 18 weeks pregnant and don't think I've felt any movements yet! Is that normal?! I do have a little bump but can't feel a thing from the baby! Just checking it's not abnormal! Thanks

OP posts:
2020mumtobee · 19/07/2020 11:09

Didn't feel anything until 20weeks!

sel2223 · 19/07/2020 13:03

I was over 22 weeks before I felt anything at all.

Most women start to feel movements between 16 and 24 weeks so you've got plenty time before you need to start worrying.

CC12x · 19/07/2020 13:08

Im 25 weeks and didn't start feeling movements untill 23 weeks and this is my second baby. X

kidsareok · 19/07/2020 13:14

Thank you! It seems like the first questions people ask me at the moment is is 'have you felt the baby move yet?' Which makes me worry I should have felt it! I'm a FTM mum so this is all new to me! Thanks for the replies ๐Ÿ˜Š

OP posts:
Mc3209 · 19/07/2020 14:33

Absolutely normal.

The questions and comments in pregnancy can be quite peculiar, but most people are just trying to make conversation, try to let them slide (easier said than done, I know. The questions on body shape/bump size/coffee intake drive me up the wall... I am still learning to nod and smile ๐Ÿ˜ฌ)

lockdownpregnancy · 19/07/2020 17:56

I'm a FTM and I felt my baby around 18 weeks. But my lil man is always right at the front of my tummy and not tucked away so I feel everything.
Most FTM's don't feel anything until 24 weeks plus. My friend didn't feel her little girl until gone 26 wks and she was fine ๐Ÿ‘๐Ÿป
Don't worry too much โค๏ธ

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