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6 weeks pregnant

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1990fran · 18/07/2020 10:58

Hi all

Hope you're all well
Although my periods have been all over place over this year my last 3 have all started 13th of each month since april, my AF didnt arrive on 13th this month so i tested on 15th and got BFP, over last 2 wks i had morning nausea, occasional metallic taste and fatigue but now symptoms have died down.. is this normal? I dont have sore breasts either... i had a MC a yr ago and im very scaredi may have lost it if no more symptoms, I read that symptoms can fluctuate but I'm not sure

I have a scan next friday but so anxious theyre.going to tell me its not there

Thank you for any advice

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Brusselsprouts21 · 19/07/2020 02:53

My symptoms fluctuated everyday during both my pregnancies. Some days i couldn't even move without awful bouts of nausea or just vomiting. Next day i would be right as rain. It was hard as i was always worried that the symptoms disappearing meant something was wrong. There wasn't. I have 2 healthy dc now. What i done was kept a diary of how i felt each day and kept an eye on the pattern. Don't overthink too much as stress isn't going to help. Wait for the scan and keep yourself healthy. I wish you the best pregnancy with no awful symptoms!

Aquamarine1029 · 19/07/2020 03:03

Symptoms or lack thereof are not an indicator of a healthy pregnancy. I never had any symptoms with both of my pregnancies. Try not to worry.

bluemints · 19/07/2020 06:48


Its totally normal! With my first pregnancy I had no symptoms at all in the start, then around 6 weeks they started up and then disappeared after a couple of weeks. This time round I've had them since 3 weeks, I've had loads of symptoms non stop! Each pregnancy is different and our bodies will react different, dont worry yourself about it! :)

Prettylittlelady · 19/07/2020 07:07

Hi @1990fran symptoms can really fluctuate in the first few weeks and everyone is different. I’m currently 27 weeks and the only early symptoms I had were tiredness and slightly sore boobs I didn’t get any of the sickness type feeling until after 9 weeks, I remember constantly panicking that symptoms had gone but every pregnancy is different. Fingers crossed all is well.

1990fran · 21/07/2020 23:40

Thank you all so much for your replies I really appreciate it Xx

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