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How much weight gain by 24 weeks?

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biscuit13 · 17/07/2020 17:05

Im 24+2 and the last time I weighed myself a few days ago, I have now put on a stone since the beginning of pregnancy.
I started at 7st 10 and now 8st 10 which I know is still not much but I'm just wondering if thats a healthy amount to have gained by 24 weeks? I don't want to be putting on more than I should.... my eating hasn't been very good recently.

OP posts:
ChickenDipper28 · 17/07/2020 17:08

I asked the midwife around 24 weeks the exact same question as I started around 7 stone 8 and I'd put on a stone and a half. She wasn't worried and said as I wasn't overweight to begin with it's normal! I'm now nearly 28 weeks and put on nearly between 1 1/2 stone still/2 stone (haven't weighed myself for a little bit). It's slowed down since then though so I wouldn't worry 😊

firstimemamma · 17/07/2020 17:08

I put on a stone by ten weeks and had a healthy & normal pregnancy and baby. Everyone is different so I'd try not to compare yourself to others and weight gain is healthy and natural.

Catherine1210 · 17/07/2020 17:10

I’m 27+5 and have gained 1st 3 pounds, I’m tall and started at 9stone 7, I haven’t put weight on besides where my bump is so feel like it’s a healthy amount but not too much. I’ve ate good for the most part but do have more chocolate/treats than usual, but why the heck not ha.

I’m sure you’re fine. The midwife starts measuring bump at my 28 week appointment here, I went to my 25 week appointment with not much of a bump at all and she didn’t bat an eyelid. It’s popped out not so I’m not worried about the measurements next week.

They will tell you if they have any concerns but sounds like the right amount to me x

WhatWouldPennyDo · 17/07/2020 17:19

27 weeks here and 3lbs up on my pre-pregnancy starting weight (healthy BMI). Dropped some weight in first trimester so overall have put on about 9lbs.

The NHS guidelines are pretty useful. Tells you approx how much weight is ‘normal’ based on your starting weight.

lockdownpregnancy · 17/07/2020 18:30

Nearly 30 weeks and close to putting on 3 stone now! Was around 2 1/2 stone heavier by 24 weeks. I started off around 9 1/2 stone and a size 10.
Whilst I'm nearly 3 stone heavier I've only gone up to a size 12! My thighs and bum have definitely got bigger but mine is mostly all bump!
Don't worry too much. If your midwife isn't worried then that's always a good sign 👍🏻

chubbyhotchoc · 17/07/2020 18:35

I was very slightly overweight to begin with and have still put 13lb on at nearly 21 weeks. I've been calorie counting and eating just to maintain but still gained. I think it's just unavoidable

lockdownparty · 17/07/2020 18:56

I've put on 6lbs at 22 weeks. With my first I'd put on a stone by this point.

This calculator is good but a stone sounds about right.

lockdownpregnancy · 17/07/2020 20:03

@lockdownparty I've just put my details into that calculator and I'm nearly off the chart!
It's saying what I weigh now is where I should be at 40 weeks! Haha!!! 😂😂😂

lockdownparty · 17/07/2020 20:09

@lockdownpregnancy you may not gain much more tbh. I think people gain the most weight in their second trimester.

Oreoreo · 17/07/2020 20:29

I’m 27 weeks and I’ve gained just under a stone and a half. I started at 7 and a half stone so I think that’s probably okay? Like a lot of previous posters at my last midwife appointment the midwife didn’t seem concerned at all, although she did say I was all bump!

Jellycat2020 · 17/07/2020 20:43

So somewhere between 6lbs and 2 1/2 stone gain is normal! 😂
I'm definitely at the upper end too and now 23 weeks. Started about 67kg and now around 74kg (1st 2lbs gain). I do have a little belly but bum and hips have expanded greatly too. As my sister's boyfriend said, if you can't eat what you want and not worry about your body shape when pregnant, then you never can! Considering all I could stomach for the first 20 weeks was beige junk food, I'm not too worried 😊 Thankfully now I can actually leave the house to exercise and can eat salads again.

jdy123 · 17/07/2020 20:46

At 25 weeks I'd put on a stone. I'm 38 weeks now and I've put on 1 stone 12 so far. I always said I'd be happy with anything under a 2 and half stone gain.
I was a lot heavier than you to begin with though I was 9 stone 5.

lockdownpregnancy · 17/07/2020 20:56

@lockdownparty I doubt it will slow down! It's usually 3lb per week! 😳😳😳
I wouldn't be surprised if I gained another 14lb before I give birth! 😂😂😂

jdy123 · 17/07/2020 21:42

@lockdownparty yeah I deffo gained more in second trimester !

biscuit13 · 19/07/2020 09:52

Thank you everyone and @lockdownparty for the link.
@ChickenDipper28 thank you for the reassurance, I havent spoken to midwife about this yet and she hasn't weighed me or asked what my weight has been. But i will bring it up at next appointment.

OP posts:
ChickenDipper28 · 19/07/2020 10:11

You're welcome!
Keep us updated 😊 Just as an update, I weighed myself yesterday and I've put on exactly 2 stone now! (28 weeks)

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