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Pain at 24 weeks? Could it be contractions?

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SqidgeBum · 17/07/2020 14:15

I am 24+4 on DC2. I have had a busy day today cleaning the house. I will admit, I have overdone it. However, now I am

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SqidgeBum · 17/07/2020 14:19

Ugh. Hit create too early.

Now that I am sitting down, I keep getting these pains. They are in the lower left side of my bump, moving around to my back. They are coming in waves, maybe one every 3 minutes and lasting 30 seconds or so. They feel like sort of dull muscular pain
not particularly bad. I know this is my second kid, but I cant remember what contractions feel like. It couldn't possibly be contractions at 24 weeks could it? I dont want to ring the midwife and sound like an idiot, but it's very odd. Has anyone has this before? Could it be Braxton hicks? I just didnt think they were meant to be painful. Anyone think I should be worried?

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countdowntofriday · 17/07/2020 14:21

You need to call your midwife now. Hopefully it's not, but if it is, the sooner you get treatment the better.

Good luck!

Mc3209 · 17/07/2020 14:28

I'd say give your midwife a ring. The fact that these pains are regular to the point you can time the duration and interval between them is a bit odd, get that checked out. Braxton Hicks are usually irregular.
I get Braxton Hicks when doing any barely strenuous physical activity (including housework and leisurely walk..) and these feel like tightness, uterus goes like a rock, and then eases off, never regular and although uncomfortable I wouldn't call them painful.

So yeah, give your midwife a call, of anything for reassurance.

Mc3209 · 17/07/2020 14:30

Forgot to add, I am 24+5.

stopchewingeverything · 17/07/2020 14:50

Im a your triage/day unit/labour ward and please talk to a midwife in your hospital.

SqidgeBum · 17/07/2020 14:57

I have tried to call the midwife. She has a voicemail saying she is shielding and not working so to call the surgery. The surgery says to call the maternity triage urgent line. That line just keeps ringing and ringing.

It seems to have eased off. I can feel baby moving around so I am not too worried about her being quiet or anything. I will give it another 20 mins of sitting and seeing if the pain is still coming in waves and if so I will try that urgent line again and see if anyone picks up.

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Teakind · 17/07/2020 15:03

Can you call the labour ward and speak to a midwife there? I wouldn't ignore that. Or is there a day assessment unit number in the maternity ward that you could call?

It happened to me and did stop (thank goodness) but they kept me in overnight for monitoring.

SqidgeBum · 17/07/2020 15:25

It seems to have completely stopped now. I havent felt any pain in about 30 mins.

Unfortunately there doesnt seem to be any other numbers to call. Unless its 111 or 999. The labour ward number is the same as the midwife urgent line. There is a community midwife advice line but they only open between 8:30 and 9:30 in the morning so it's just a voicemail. I must say I am a bit surprised how hard it is to speak to someone. On my last pregnancy my midwife was brilliant for texting back. With my midwife shielding I I apparently have no midwife 🤷‍♀️

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