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Helping get things going...?

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Whatthecrepe · 16/07/2020 14:29

Anyone got any sure fire tips that may start off labour? Expecting my 4th and getting a sweep/induction next week.... Keen to either go myself before that or get my body favourable for when it does happen!

Got clary sage for the bath at somepoint, made a date and banana milkshake yesterday and almost puked 😂 and been ball bouncing like a crazy person in the evenings lol. Planning on pineapple next week too 🤔 tia! X

OP posts:
BeMorePacific · 16/07/2020 16:39

Nipple stimulation.
Walking and general activity (but who can be arsed with that?!)
Plan some nights doing your favourite thins, nice meals, funny movies etc.

Good luck cxx

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