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Relationship problems

4 replies

Shaheryar · 16/07/2020 12:45

Hi everyone so here it goes....
I’m quite upset me and my husband had a fight and we have not spoken for 2 days now nor have I gone up to him nor has he.To be honest with you I have had enough I have two kids and cannot tolerate this crap I’m not saying I’m perfect person however you see I admit that I have done wrong or bad things but my husband never gives a shit and on top just blames me for everything.He is talking to his kids laughing and joking but does not give two craps about what I’m doing .We had an argument we I came out of shower and he started saying you can’t even do this that and the other just criticising me all the time and I get fed up and just start shouting at him becuase mentally I can’t even take it anymore He blames me for everything and then when I get pushed too much yes I start swearing at him and telling him off and he stops talking to me because I don’t have any respect I’m sure it goes both ways.

I was going to talk to him then I thought to hell with it if he can’t be bothered to talk or even acknowledge me why should I care.I don’t work and havnt been for last 3 years be use I want to look after my kids so ofcourse I don’t have any money and so I rely on him as he is working full time.
He said to me during fight that I need to learn to respect him then I said I will when I find a man that respects me as well I know I said wrong as well then he said to me you don’t even know who the hell you are you just rely on me for things which hurt me more I said in anger don’t talk to me now and he said get lost I don’t need u anyways.

What annoyed me more was when he said you not some queen that I am going to come and beg for you who the he’ll do you think you are.No I’m not a queen but I slave away the whole day looking after our kids cooking for everyone and looking after house I thought that I do mean something I don’t even feel like talking to him anymore bad he doesn’t even seem to care.

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Shaheryar · 16/07/2020 12:48

What is the point in me going upto to say sorry or whatever if he doesn’t acknowledge that I am upset and doesn’t even care to talk to me it shows how much he respects me as well and he says he loves me soo much doesn’t look it I feel like he’s trying to make me beg for him as I can’t do anything without him.

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Gerdticker · 16/07/2020 13:49

Somehow you need to talk with him - can you ask him to make some time so you can chat, calmly and away from things? Maybe when the kids are in bed or perhaps a family member could babysit and you can go for a walk together?

You’re right, respect works both ways.

If he can’t give you the time or take your worries seriously, then he might not be the right man for you In the long term. Nobody should be in a relationship where they aren’t respected :(

Good luck op x

Shaheryar · 16/07/2020 14:26

The thing is he saying I am the problem I don’t respect him yes I don’t I try I may be a bad person and maybe I am the wrong person for him if I can’t respect him but he literally makes my blood boil and then I end up swearing at him or shouting however he’s saying I have the problem not him that I don’t have respect for him.

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Shaheryar · 16/07/2020 14:28

The point is I acknowledge when I’m bad of am wrong but he doesn’t think he has done anything and that pains me more so many times he has made fun of me around his family any try to put me down but he says it’s joke everyone was laughing only you have a problem.I mean I am not crazy that I will start fights for no reason.

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