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Early pregnancy anxiety

10 replies

Eppy123 · 16/07/2020 08:17

Hi everyone, I found out about my pregnancy very early on and currently about 5 1/2 weeks.

I have this overriding fear/anxiety that something will go wrong or I have made a mistake and I’m not pregnant! I work in a high risk environment so had to tell work due to chemicals etc we use. Is it normal to feel this worried at such an early stage? I can’t help thinking about all the what ifs!

It’s my first baby and I’m 29 :)


OP posts:
CD28 · 16/07/2020 08:28

In my opinion I think how you are feeling is totally normal. This is exactly how I felt when I first found out I was pregnant back in April. Once you've had your first scan your mind should ease a little. I was so anxious I ended up booking a scan for 8 weeks privately and it really helped my head! I'm now 18+1 with some nerves but overall feeling okay! Hope the first trimester symptoms aren't keeping you down too! Take it easy x

Clara9 · 16/07/2020 09:20

This is exactly how I feel! I've just had a positive test two days ago and technically today should be when af visits. Nervous about finding out so early as a lot can go wrong. I'm working in an environment where I will have to carrying things around a lot - so a bit worried about that. This my first positive test and I'm 30, so in a similar situation.

KB13 · 16/07/2020 09:23

I could of written your thread myself @Eppy123 apart from this is my 3rd baby. I never had this with my first 2. I think Covid has a lot to do with it as wel. I’ve got an early scan booked in for 8 weeks just to try and relieve some of my anxiety. currently 6+5

welshladywhois40 · 16/07/2020 09:40

Very normal to be anxious. It's a huge life change and we are constantly told about how risky the first three months are. Couple that with you won't ready many threads here that say my first 12 weeks was easy etc. All you will see are people being worried.

So what you do is focus on each week milestone. That is how I survive the hard 12 weeks

Carabu1 · 16/07/2020 13:48

I’m 16+2 and have been horrifically anxious since day 1. First time and 30, so similar boat. I keep telling myself that after x or y it will get better but tbh it isn’t! I think it’s pretty common. I’m getting better at managing it though - I give myself allocated times to obsess each day and then try to push it out my mind ten rest of the time. It doesn’t help I have no bump at all, so I neither look nor feel at all pregnant, even if the scans say I definitely am!!

Louisac93 · 17/07/2020 18:24

@CD28 how was the scan at 8 weeks? I’m booked in for 8 weeks 4 days and have no idea what to expect x

Eppy123 · 17/07/2020 18:40

Thanks for all the replies, reassuring to know that others feel like this too!

I have taken multiple tests and am definitely pregnant, it’s just a weird mix of shock/denial?! I am super happy about it and it was planned but I can’t quite believe it’s real!

OP posts:
Symphony87 · 17/07/2020 20:32

I’m the same with anxiety. I’ve known for a week and think I’m around the 5 week mark. I’m constantly worried something is going to go wrong. I’ve got another clear blue just to check it’s gone to 3+ weeks since I got 2-3 weeks last Friday

Clara9 · 17/07/2020 21:30

@Symphony87 sounds like things are progressing to me. I’m going to do the same.

CD28 · 18/07/2020 11:17

[quote Louisac93]@CD28 how was the scan at 8 weeks? I’m booked in for 8 weeks 4 days and have no idea what to expect x[/quote]
For me it was just a little reassurance to make me feel like this was actually happening. It was just a case of scanning to see what was in there. I was lucky that they didn't do an internal scan, it was just a quick one to say the pregnancy was viable and give me what they thought my gestation was. I was spot on! Every other scan since I've gained days so think I'm gonna have a big baby! 😂

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