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Perinatal team?

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blvdbrokendreams · 15/07/2020 19:55

I'm 33 weeks pregnant and I've been in touch with the perinatal team who've offered me some CBT therapy. The assessment was hard going. A lot of it focused on my past. I didn't have the best experience, was in care at 15 and have an alcoholic mother who I don't see and don't plan to.
I'm scared there gonna judge me on my past and my anxiety and decide to take baby off me. And I can't shift that thought at all.
I just wonder if anybody has any advice

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Hippityhoppityhappityvoosh · 15/07/2020 19:57

They really won’t. They are their to keep you and your baby together and get you both off to the best start. This is a life changing opportunity for you and your baby. Seize it with both hands and get the most you can out of deserve the best and so does your little one. Good luck

Fortheloveofscience · 15/07/2020 20:18

Echo hippity

I'm also under the perinatal team and have been offered an amount of therapy input that's unheard of in any other NHS service. It really will be good for you and your baby. I'd talk to them about your fears re safeguarding, they're very used to it pretty much everyone who comes into their service has the same worry and at least if you bring it into the open they can reassure you.

blvdbrokendreams · 15/07/2020 20:40

@fortheloveofscience yeah I know logically they won't do that but as I'm sure you know your brain is on the worse case scenario. I was honest in my assessment. I have bonded with baby so well and I think I just jumped to the worst. I've got an appointment Monday with a CBT therapist so I'll bring my fears up then

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