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38 weeks CRAMPS, but no Labour

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Soph95 · 15/07/2020 12:35

Hey ladies,
I’m 38 weeks pregnant, for the past week, I have been getting severe episodes of cramps in my hips, back and shooting down my legs. Each time lasts anywhere from 1 hour to 6!!
My midwife isn’t worried, just part of the journey to labour, she said we are just waiting for the cramps to evolve into labour. But, I’m getting impatient. I’m so uncomfortable and I’m not even classed as late. Each time I’m hoping this could be it. But then the cramps phase out to nothing. I’m getting disheartened and grumpy! (Poor hubby).
Any of you ladies Got stories to share? How long did this phase last for you? Are you going through it now?

OP posts:
Nelbert19 · 15/07/2020 13:31

Hi @Soph95 I’m 38+3 and I’m right there with you! So frustrating just waiting around for labour. Being a first timer, every twinge is making me think something’s starting... I’ll go mad if I’ve got another 3 weeks of this!

I’m afraid I’ve got no advice because I’m in exactly the same boat, but you have my sympathies

Soph95 · 24/07/2020 11:31

Hi @Nelbert19, how are you getting on. I’m 39+4 now and still nothing. I’ve been walking every day. Keeping active, not getting as many intense And long episodes. Just the odd 2/3 Pains and then nothing. Seeing my midwife on Monday. They offered me a sweep on my due date 🤔. Didn’t really make sense to me at all. Baby is happy and healthy, why would they want to induce when I’m due that day, surly it’s better to let nature take its course.
How are you getting on?

OP posts:
2020AUG · 24/07/2020 20:44

I'm 37+2 and for the past 5 days have had bad cramps and a huge increase in braxton hicks 😩. Yesterday I had backache too, but today its been coming and going, along with the cramps. It sounds like I might be putting up for this for a while from the sounds of it!
Good luck OP.

Zen87 · 24/07/2020 21:15

I’m 38+5 and not sure if I’ve been having braxton hicks, bump does go rock hard from time to time which is how it’s explained when I google it but it’s not what I imagined one to feel like! I wake up in the morning with cramps and back ache but I don’t know if it’s more to do with how I’m sleeping! Getting impatient now!!

@Soph95 I’ve been offered a sweep on my due date too, think it’s standard (although seems pointless to me as everyone I’ve come across said it didn’t work!) I’m assuming you don’t mean an actual induction on your due date (when your given a pessary or gel?) as that isn’t usually offered unless there is a specific reason (like suspected growth issues/ gestational diabetes etc) if so I would definitely question their reasoning!!

happygolucky6 · 24/07/2020 21:58


I had this. For two weeks. And then baby came at 38+6 and she's 12 days old now.

I used clary sage oil in my baths, expressed, birthing ball, and long walks. I did attempt sex once but both me and my partner was like maaaaybe not.

I know it seems really frustrating and exhausting but I went for a sweep at 38 weeks and I was 2cm dilated then. So they were doing something, she stretched me to 3cm but little lady still decided to stay in for six more days!!

Hopefully they are doing something for you. Just slowly. Just keep active so she can work her way down and ready. Xx

Nellie3 · 24/07/2020 22:15

I'm 37+6 and have this too, been going for about a week now but I feel it's increasing in intensity each day. The cramps aren't all day every day or anything, they come in bursts ranging in length but they can be bloomin painful! I don't have another midwife appt for a week still. I realllly don't want this to go on for too long, the waiting and not knowing is making me more emotional than I need to be, trying to do all I know to keep calm and distract myself but it's hard as a FTM. I just had a bath which was lovely and helped, now I'm out the cramps are back again. Keep us updated everyone :D xxx

Nelbert19 · 24/07/2020 22:57

Well I was tremendously grumpy at lack of progress on Monday and Tuesday, so was marching around the park, cleaning the house, bouncing on the ball - anything I could think of to get things going!

On Wednesday and Thursday I decided to just stop and chill out. I watched Netflix, put my feet up, videocalled family and generally Had a nice relaxing time.

I woke up at 5.30 this morning having contractions and am now on the birthing suite midway through labour (have had an epidural, it’s glorious)! My waters broke dramatically at the reception desk 🤣

I know it’s frustrating to hear, but real contractions are v different to the cramps - you’ll know when you’ve started properly! I’ve come to the conclusion it’ll happen when it happens and think having two nice days of oxytocin production probably did more good than running around trying to bounce the baby out!

Good luck to you all - I’ll update when babs gets here. Hope to hear you’ve all gone into labour soon!

Nelbert19 · 25/07/2020 05:37

Baby boy born at 2.40am by EMCS. 6lb12 and gorgeous 🥰🥰🥰

Soph95 · 25/07/2020 05:55

@Nelbert19 congratulations! That’s amazing news. Hope you are ok.

OP posts:
Helenknowsbest · 25/07/2020 09:18

@Soph95 I had this for weeks when I was that far along too. Its super frustrating but I used the time to learn breathing techniques, I thought I was going into labour everytime then was disappointed. However the morning I went into labour it was so intense compared to the weeks before. Good luck to you x

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