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cow poo ...

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Elle12345678 · 14/07/2020 19:28

I know I am probably being ridiculous and the damage would have been done already anyway ... my dog rolled in a lot of cow poo - this weird white stuff thats with the poo. its absolutely disgusting. I washed it off with bare hands ... stupidly!! just so tired, didn't think. currently 32 weeks. i then had a shower. now panicking as this stuff was super sticky and hard to get off and probably still had bacteria all over my hands. Is there any risk? Toxoplasmosis for example?

OP posts:
dementedpixie · 14/07/2020 19:29

if you've showered and washed your hands then it will all be gone

Jomum2020 · 14/07/2020 20:49

Hey try not to worry, we stay on a large farm and my toddler/husband/dog regularly (to my horror) come in the house covered in all sorts which I then have to clean up. (34 weeks pregnant).
I’m sure as long as you washed your hands afterwards you’ll be fine. Any sickness or upset stomach speak to your midwife.

Toxoplasmosis is a bigger risk from pregnant/lambing sheep. Although I believe all birth fluids should be avoided. Like I said though, you haven’t ingested anything so try not to panic. X

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