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Statutory Mat leave sickness.

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esme90 · 13/07/2020 13:31

Hi everyone, just a quick question regarding statutory maternity leave.
I am 19 weeks pregnant and sickness has come back with a vengeance! I work full time for the NHS and work long shifts so I am struggling. But reluctant too take sick days due to the effect it may have on my maternity pay.
I am in my qualifying weeks for calculation of my statutory maternity leave at present and wondering if I was too call in sick, would this affect my stat mat pay?
If so, how many days would I need to be off work before this does have an impact on the amount of stat mat pay I receive?
Any help would be great! Thankyou!

OP posts:
dementedpixie · 13/07/2020 13:54

It depends what sick pay you get as your 90% part of SMP is based on actual wages in weeks 17-25 of pregnancy

veritymcpickle · 13/07/2020 14:07

Your salary shouldn't change when you're sick unless you've already had over 6m sick leave or you're bank?

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