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how long overdue are you left these days?

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Originalyellowbelly · 12/07/2020 22:32

My DDIL is now 14 days overdue, she has been in hospital since yesterday lunchtime for induction. She was given a pessary yesterday afternoon but nothing happened, was told they would try again today but didn't as too busy.

It's a long time since I gave birth so I don't know what the rules are now but she is very fed up and no one seems to be telling her what's going on. Can anyone advise please.

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BeMorePacific · 12/07/2020 22:43

Induction has started, it can take up to 72 hours which is typically worst case scenario.
The pessary can be left for 24hrs, then another one inserted for 24hrs. Then the drip may be considered. (This might vary between hospitals)
Really bad that this hasn’t been explained by staff!
I know it must be really hard and boring, but she is getting closer to having baby in her arms x

Originalyellowbelly · 12/07/2020 22:50

BeMorePacific thank you for your reply, she was never given the second pessary as they said they were too busy. I really feel for her as she is all alone in a room with no visitors allowed, no one is explaining to her what's happening and as english is her second language she is getting very scared. She had a c section with her first as induction didn't work.

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