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15 weeks and constant headaches

14 replies

MilsCookie · 12/07/2020 19:28

Hi everyone,

I'm 15 weeks pregnant tomorrow, and I have pretty much had a headache every single day since I was around 10 weeks. I think I might have only gone two days in a row in that whole time without a headache. It's really starting to get me down now 😔 I've been taking paracetamol but it doesn't always do anything. I've also got some '4head' type stuff and often go to bed with a cold flannel or just lie down in a dark room.

Last time I had my blood pressure checked was 12+2 and everything was fine, so I assumed they are just hormonal. Does anyone else have this or had this in pregnancy? Please tell me they go away soon?! I'd really appreciate any tips or advice as it's really getting to me.

Thanks in advance 🙏

OP posts:
ohwerehalfwaythere · 12/07/2020 19:34

I had this for basically the entire first trimester. Just your hormones going to shit. It's awful but one day they just weren't there anymore. Personally I tried not to take paracetamol unless I really couldn't function and that was just about doable, but that wasn't cause my midwife advised that, I just tried not to take tablets. It will get better but do see your GP/midwife if you don't feel it is manageable x

OnlyFoolsnMothers · 12/07/2020 19:35

Yes was awful! 4head helped the most, but basically went c. 18 wks for me. I sympathise, it was hellish, I have a toddler and have been working with the computer screen too with them, eugh!

MilsCookie · 13/07/2020 15:15

Thank you for the advice ladies @ohwerehalfwaythere @OnlyFoolsnMothers headaches can be so debilitating. I can't imagine having a toddler as well as being pregnant and dealing with this! I'm hoping that the further into the second trimester I get, the less frequent they get. I should've mentioned I'm having twins as well, which probably doesn't help the situation!! 🤯

OP posts:
Cobbsgirl92 · 13/07/2020 17:14

Hi OP,
I had constant headaches until around week 16. It was awful and I hated the constant pain. Similar to you I used to lay in a dark room or take paracetamol. I ended up using cold packs that you put in the freezer and it was so helpful.
You can buy them on amazon, just a heat/cold pack.
Mine have got a lot better now, I did find occasionally that if I ate sugar it helped the headache go sometimes as well.
Hope they go soon for you!

Trufflepuffpuff · 13/07/2020 17:38

I had this, it started shortly after my 12-week scan. I think part of the cause for me was dehydration, now I'm much more careful about drinking a lot of water, and it did get a lot better. It is awful though! Try that and see if it helps at all.

peachypetite · 13/07/2020 17:41

I had endless headaches too but they went around week 17. It’s just caused by the surging hormones and there isn’t anything you can do. The only thing that helped me was sleep.

MilsCookie · 13/07/2020 19:12

Thank you everyone, it's good to hear I'm not alone in this. I'm just so surprised because my first trimester was pretty okay symptom wise, no sickness or anything. So I feel like I've been tricked into thinking I'm over the worst part, but it feels like I've entered it!! I will definitely make sure I'm drinking a lot of water (even more than I already do!), have more sugar (an excuse to eat more choc 😋😜) and will look into getting one of those cold packs. Thanks everyone for all the tips and sorry you had to put up with them too!!

OP posts:
MinesALatte · 13/07/2020 19:21

I’m just over 9 weeks and really struggling with the headaches. I’ve been like this for weeks now and I feel like my days are just endless cycles of water, paracetamol, cold packs, 4head, food, nap, repeat. Nothing is clearing them Sad
I suffer from migraines normally and can’t take my migraine medication and these headaches are really getting me down. I‘m lucky to have been working from home this whole time so can sneak off for a nap but the headaches are rendering me pretty much useless at my job at the minute as I can’t concentrate Sad
Sorry for the moan! X

MinesALatte · 13/07/2020 19:24

One thing that has helped downgrade a severe headache to just a headache is I take a paracetamol plus (the ones with caffeine in) when they’re really bad. I just have one as really want to limit my caffeine intake (have been caffeine free for over a year and am gutted headaches are making me turn to caffeine!) but that seems to take the edge off.
I spoke to the doctor today who said I could take amitriptyline if the benefits outweigh the risks of the headaches, but I declined as I don’t want to take anything that isn’t completely OK for pregnancy.

MilsCookie · 13/07/2020 20:27

@MinesALatte I literally could've written the way you just described your days. I'm EXACTLY the same. I've even tried cutting different things out (dairy, sugar) or eating more carbs, to see if that makes a difference. Nothing works. I think unfortunately we just have to do what we can to cope with the symptoms and just remember that it won't be like this forever! I feel you though, it's been a tough old slog so far!

OP posts:
peachypetite · 13/07/2020 20:30

Honestly, it really is a slog and it is largely out of your control.

MinesALatte · 13/07/2020 22:09

@MilsCookie it’s comforting to know I’m not alone! Not that it helps get rid of them Sad
I think it’s just a very challenging storm we have to ride! X

tigertreats · 13/07/2020 22:43

I'm 18 weeks and my headaches which pretty much merged in to one about 6 week long headache only finished about 2 weeks ago and I get the occasional twinge now.
What I can tell you is since I've eaten a little more in the day they have been more manageable and I also think I completely underestimated how much water you need.
Hope yours get better too OP. Lots of naps, water and an occasional dairy milk should sort you out ! Wink

Asianchick6693 · 13/07/2020 22:54

I've more or less been taking paracetamol every day. If it's not for the headaches then it's for my PGP. Sucks but unfortunately it can be normal. MW says we need to be fully hydrated even more so now so try drinking a little bit more than you usually do and see if it helps.

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