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Is it safe?

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Username79 · 11/07/2020 15:52

I have had a silly accident and caused myself a significant amount of pain - another story I'll save the detail. The pain is effecting daily activities and I can't get comfortable.
When I spoke to GP about this they have said that they will prescribe cocodamol 15mg for me but made me feel an immense amount of guilt if I do decide to take it and now I'm not sure.
I realise the risks of taking it though studies are very vague and few and far between. I'm 22 weeks pregnant, has anyone ever taken cocodamol during pregnancy? I just want some 'been there done that' type reassurance before I decide if I will or not.

OP posts:
sel2223 · 11/07/2020 16:11

Not cocodamol but I fell down the stairs in the 2nd trimester and injured my coccyx the night before I was due on a 4 hour flight.
After a long chat with my GP, I was prescribed codeine for short term use to take as and when I needed it (not a regular doseage if you know what I mean).

Addler · 11/07/2020 16:29

As you're in the second trimester already there's no concerns with it causing any birth defects, and for short term use to control a lot of pain I think the benefit outweighs the risk.

weegiemum · 11/07/2020 16:54

When I was pg with ds and dd2 I suffered very badly with pregnancy-induced renal colic - basically I was passing several kidney stones a week! I was on pethedine, or diamorphine for the pain. It was so bad my dh was injecting into my bum at home!!

I was horrendously guilty about the effect on the baby, especially dd2 as it was from about 12 weeks.

A very lovely, very calm pain doctor - he was an anesthetist - explained to me gently that the effect of pain on the growing baby was worse than the side effects of the medication. The stress-hormones you release when in pain really effect the baby's growth. So I was to use as much pain relief as I required. The potential problems would come if dd2 was born addicted, but it was unlikely as all the medication I was taking was "used up" by my need for pain relief.

She was born a little early but had no side effects from my medication and was perfectly healthy (was 3 weeks early but weighed 7lb13!)

She's just left school at 16 and is off to do an HND in Beauty Therapies, is fit and healthy and good fun to be with.

A bit of cocodamol is going to work out just fine.

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