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Signs labour are near

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July2020baby · 11/07/2020 06:53


With my first I didn’t go into labour naturally so have no idea.

I’m full term now and for the last couple of nights I’ve been waking every hour for a wee and have had an upset stomach in the mornings. Also been getting lower back pain every now and again?

OP posts:
LatteLover12 · 11/07/2020 07:26

It sounds like things might be slowly starting for you.

I think the upset stomach is a good sign. I had this for a few days then I started to lose my plug.

The plug was coming away for a few days before I started with pains and had a bleed (totally normal). It was still a few more days (and a sweep) before labour was really established but this latent phase is still taking you in the right direction! Good luck!

Gin4thewin · 11/07/2020 07:49

My 2nd started with a low BH type pain a week before that would come and go, i got REALLY restless, i didn't know what i wanted to do/sit/eat and got frustrated, the day it kicked off i went right off food and was sick before bed. I had had my bloody earlier on in the week too

ashleygclarke · 12/09/2022 16:52

Hi I am 35 weeks + and questioning if I am near going into labour. My friend said I have dropped I don’t see it obviously, I don’t feel comfortable if I sit stand of lay down, quite irritable night and day. Lose movements and inconsistent niggling pain. I have 2 kids already both born before 36 weeks. Any ideas ladies

greenerfingers · 12/09/2022 16:56

Sorry @ashleygclarke I had no signs 😅. Imagined a million but I was trying to imagine back ache (was just usual pregnancy aches and pains). The only thing I did notice was I had a slight cold for a day and then went into labour. Might have been coincidence but I've always got that just before getting my BfP too and it only lasts a day or so. It disappeared the next day and I went into labour.

MintJulia · 12/09/2022 17:01

Mine was Steady pinging of muscles in the small of my back for 24 hours and an unstoppable need to scrub the kitchen floor 🙄

SparkyBlue · 12/09/2022 17:04

I had all three of mine prematurely and I distinctly remember on my third baby I was antsy. I remember I couldn't relax or sit comfortably and I was only 33 weeks

anchoviescapers · 12/09/2022 17:09

For me, and many friends, it was a similar feeling to when you're expecting your period... 'Periody' is my technical term for it 😂
Loose stools are part of that for me

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