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Period like cramps at 36 weeks

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Kalesandwich · 10/07/2020 20:26

Just wondering if anyone else is experiencing this, its the exact same crampy type of pain I'd usually get with my period, quite low next to my hips. I've had them for about a week now. Sometimes it comes and goes, haven't bothered timing as it only lasted about an hour and I knew it wasn't going to be labour but I keep getting it everyday. Not constantly but at points of the day/night. Do you think its just the baby sitting awkwardly or things getting ready and loosening up? I don't think its BH as everyone says they're not painful but I've not had BH before. I'm not concerned but just curious as to why its happening lol, baby is moving fine etc still Smile this is also my 3rd baby so you'd think I'd know but here I am wondering lol.

OP posts:
happygolucky6 · 10/07/2020 20:49


I had this paired with back ache (baby is back to back) and when I had my sweep at 38+1 I was already 2cm dilated and 80% effaced. So those irregular cramps may be slowwwwly doing something like mine. I had mine from about 36 weeks. Like you said I knew they weren't BH because they were just different.


sel2223 · 11/07/2020 00:26

I'm having these period type cramps and backache and I'm 35+1.
I'm also getting occasional tightenings across my belly which I think are the BH.

Camia · 11/07/2020 00:55

I've had the same kind of cramps (I'm also 36 weeks). I actually asked my doctor about them just earlier today and she told me they're very common at this stage and not anything to worry about. Just your body gearing up for things, though she said they can get triggered more if you're dehydrated or have been up on your feet a lot.

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